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Okay I think I've solved SOME of our internet connection problems around the house but quick trial... how are you all? I am determined to find ways to enjoy my job so that's going rather well at the moment. We've had Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) where my Mercy Crew and I made about 150 pancakes in return for toiletries that go to the Women's Refuge. The next day was Ash Wednesday and I decided to have a 'cushion' Mass so we didn't have all the palaver of putting out the chairs and putting them away again. It went fine. I found a really nice priest who did a great job. But the night before, there was a huge storm and I'm out on the front porch burning our last year's palms in a tin for the ashes, and the wind is whipping the flames around and blowing out my matches and the cats kept advancing on the flaming tin! It was a bit surreal! The things I do...
However, those were fairly triumphant but busy days and on Friday we had a day off, so I'm feeling good. I cleaned half the house from top to bottom, a miraculous achievement. Trust me, it was.

So I'm working on the power of positive thinking and the possibility that we might go away for a holiday at Easter, overseas! Am thinking it's worth working for the pay to go on a good holiday! So I'll catch up AGAIN

Now I have Sunday Mass and I'm hoping I don't have any jobs to do... better go get dressed, huh.
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OKay so I tried clearing a bit of the cache and that seemed to help! The other page is still loading in a silly way. But now it's late and I have to get to bed! I've been trying to read The Luminaries, which is a NZ book that won the oddly named Man Booker Prize. It's been hard work, didn't get an 'ooh' moment until the mid-400s (pages). It's about 800 pages long. That makes it about 400 pages too long! So I'll go read and catch up with you all tomorrow night, hopefully, after the 'Meet the Year 9 Parents' and the whanau barbecue at school, then Christy's little art show opening, then home! xxx take care out there and stay safe in this crazy world

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I can't believe it, I claw back to LJ and it's not working!!! No userpic, can't read my comments! Can't open my friends page. Argh! But I'm here and still coping and having some fun days... I'll return in the weekend when this darn thing is working again, I guess. *waves from afar*
I think our whole PC router system needs a revamp. Might have to call the Geeks on Wheels!
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On top of things... trying, anyway!

So I go back to school soon for a new year. I have printed off some of my class lists, and they look great although they can change a lot during course selection next week. I am currently going to have two Year 9 classes, a Year 10, Year 11, Year 12, a year 12 Ethics and Philosophy class and a Year 13 (all religious studies classes). I'm still Head of Dept, and Director of Religious Studies. I'll be busy but I'm determined to be really organised. I've been bringing home my piles of papers and sorting them while I watch the Australia Open!!

Last year was not a great year on a number of levels at school but I want to really enjoy this new year. I know a few bad things have already happened that I've shared this year but I will not let it defeat me!! This week was the Root Canal. OMG that was AWFUL! Here are my thoughts on this... Collapse )

So having survived THAT, I should be able to cope with anything else this week. This morning I woke to a painter next door hammering something, a drainage repair team in the next street ripping up the road and the people across the road setting off their alarm. I looked at my husband, still asleep, and marvelled at his ability to not hear stuff, something he's worked on since I had our first baby *g*
The Assyrians next door just came over to say they're having a wedding tomorrow. So it'll be noisy. I told them to just have a wonderful time. Go crazy, I said! I love Assyrian weddings! Everyone's dressed up to the nines, there's dancing, piles of men stand around outside talking, it's just fun fun fun.

Can I just say I LOVE the holidays, no matter what crap happens. I just love love love it. I love being busy with my own stuff. I could never ever be bored.
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A new white page. If you feel like watching Australian, watch the series called Rake. It's pretty cool. I should be in bed but I'm sitting between my sons watching Family Guy. It's so disgusting sometimes but we have a lot of laughs. There have been a lot of Big Bang Theory episodes on this summer so that's been fun, too. I seem to spend a lot of time making sure there's plenty of food in the house and keeping the cats happy.

I'm creating an Asian style garden in the back yard. I'll have to take some photos. The biggest problem is that as I'd plant each plant, the rabbit would rush up and start to nibble it. We had to make some little fences for each plant, which ruins the look but surely the rabbit can't live forever... he's voracious sometimes. The first night, he ate a 12-inch nikau palm right to the bottom. I've planted a mixture of things, azaleas, white daisies, a tiny white hibiscus, a Japanese maple, a dark red flax, lavender, canna lillies and other interesting delights. Not all Asian, of course. It's kind of Asian-Pacific. It's been keeping me very happy, constructing this.

Darn, really need to go to bed. The boys can watch this without me!
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I have finally painted our bathroom (not the usual shower room but a bathroom up the hall I like to call mine, since the rest of the family almost never enters it). In fact, it is rarely used so I decided to rip out the crappy plumbing job we had done a few years back to fit in a temporary shower over the bath. I have tried and tried to explain to my husband that I didn't want the shower back in, I didn't want the flappy shower curtains and I didn't want the shower lining on the wall... tried... tried... he just kept harping on about the shower head, the shower fitting, the lack of shower holder not included by the tiler. aaaaaargh
FINALLY I have what I want, tiles back on the wall, no shower, no curtains, no curtain track, just a bath that knows it's a bath again. I'm creating an old Chinese style in there with heavy cream walls and dark wood. I did plan shoji style tiles, fairly big creamy tiles with dark grout in between but the tiler did white grout while I was away at a conference. I came back two nights later and tried to tell him what I had asked for and he had a massive MASSIVE tantrum, yelling and shouting and finally rushing into the bathroom and hacking out the grout like a lunatic, shouting and cutting with a sharp instrument. I had to practically scream at him to stop. We calmed him down enough to repair the mad cutting he'd just done and we paid him off fast and he scrammed. It was nuts! Whether it was because he'd forgotten what I asked for or was annoyed that I told him he should have done what I asked for, not what he thought was best, I don't know... but it was rather exciting. Crazy Viet plumber with Irish name on the warpath!

I also painted one of our kitchen walls bright (and I mean bright) lime green. I'll take a photo in the light tomorrow. When Steve gets back (he's been away all week) it's going to be a surprise *snort* a big surprise. You can't see it unless you're actually in the kitchen so it won't clash with the house.

Can I tell you how much I love the holiday break? I love it love it love it love it. I almost feel human again.
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Happy New Year

It's 2013 here!! I can hear fire crackers going off everywhere! Lock up your pets! Happy happy new year to my friends. May this year bring you better health, more creativity, deeper loving relationships and peace. So there. I've been writing all day and I feel gooooood!