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Christmas with the Kranks...

Odd thing today, while we stood out of the rain on the verandah waiting for the children to come out of class, a friend said her husband had found this LJ! How weird is that! He recognised it as mine, somehow! So helloooooo, Mr S! *g*
And yeah, it finally rained here this week, after a long, hot, dry spell that is not normal for Spring here.

We had the final Leavers' Mass at my children's school last night. It was a disorganised joke in some respects but it had a beautiful childlike quality as well, and I'm glad it wasn't totally great, because I didn't want to cry, with my boys leaving after such close ties with the parish school for so long. Maybe tomorrow... I've been involved with the school since Christy was a pre-schooler, back in about 1995, when I used to take small learning groups as a volunteer, then I worked as a teacher aide for a variety of children, and as a specialist teacher for one very autistic child for a while. When he left, that job finished, and I started the slide across to my last school, and that was a six year period of ....well, you know how that was! We won the school motto competition a few years ago and children still quote it during their leavers' speeches, Small School, Strong Spirit.
And now I'm back where I started back in the early '80s, teaching in secondary school. And it's good, really. At least I don't have to wrestle knives off people or hold screaming children down on the playing field, just handle a few teenage tantrums! I've been at work most of this week so far without students, which is great, tying up all manner of details here and there and piling up work to bring home for the summer!

It's still pretty stressful just now though. I am so in favour of the ideas behind Christmas with the Kranks, or Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham! It's a stroke of genius. Of course, the essential message of Christmas is all about joy and love and peace. It's just hard getting ready for it! I never ever feel worthy of other people's friendships, and I never really trust people any more, so I know I'm not a good friend. I just hope the spirit of true Christmas love can fill people's hearts this coming week, so they can find peace wherever they are.



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