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Be on the watch...

There are little earthquakes almost every day in NZ, but tonight's one was a beauty,
Recent New Zealand Earthquakes
o Reference Number: 2839343
o NZDT: Thu, Dec 20 2007 8:55 pm
o Magnitude: 6.8
o Depth: 40 km
o Details: 50 km south-east of Gisborne

We were in the church, and the screen just kept on swinging! Apparently a couple of buildings have collapsed in Gisborne. Pretty severe stuff. I bet my mother, who lives up that way, leapt into the doorway very speedily - unlike me, she hates earthquakes.

Today was so hard, my boys left their school for the last time, Asher to go on to College (high school), and Finn to head off to the private prep school down the road for his Years 7 and 8. I was very sad and trying not to cry after a long allegiance with our parish school, but the pathetically organised assembly today, hot on the heels of the shambles that was Mass on Tuesday, meant I was able to snort aloud and focus on what I WON'T miss! Finn gifted some car books to the school library as he was leaving earlier than normal and we gave the teachers gifts as usual. It was so hard saying goodbyes in the playground, even though we won't be gone completely, the church is right on the same ground, but a lot of people rely on me, for opinions, knowledge, that kind of thing, and I won't be able to help them any longer.

I got a big hug tonight from one of the guys in my music group as we were locking up the church. I whispered in his ear that he was a great guy, and he whispered back that he was nowhere near as wonderful as I was! Heh. It's like God knows when I am needing help, when I need someone to tell me absolutely that I'm doing okay. And Cari did it yesterday, John today. Maybe I'll get a gift each day until I get the message and start feeling better. Our priest called me out tonight to see the new floodlight that's shining on our crucifix that stands outside the church. Last year a group of Iraqi Assyrian painters restored the body on the cross and now the light is working again after years. Not bad. JCjnr stood beside me and we looked up at the cross shining out in the night, and he said, "That's God." He was filled with awe. I just couldn't feel God in that particular moment. So I didn't say anything.

Tomorrow we are going shopping. And returning Finn's hired 3/4 violin. Minding some children in the afternoon. And I have an old friend coming to dinner. He was a priest. Still is. Now he's a chaplain to the prisoners up on the hill. Now that'd be challenging, huh. Could you do that?



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