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Christmas night thoughts...

Aw, Christmas is great and I opened a slim and exciting parcel from Moth today which excited all the children and they all say thank you so much.
Steve said the Pope is on tv live just now but I'm not sure I want to go see. We didn't watch the Queen's message either, even on YouTube. Steve is pretty anti royalty anyway!! I think the Pope is giving us a blessing.
Thanks heaps, Mothy, it was good to hear from you way over there. You filled an envelope with your usual thoughtfulness! I've had a very lucky Christmas with so many good wishes here, and two great Christmas masses that went really well, great food (of which we still have FAR too much left over) and wonderful warm weather. I am very fortunate. Our friends have just left after spending Christmas day with us, and it's midnight, so I guess we need to go to bed. I went to bed at half past two this morning, and had to be at Mass at nine again.

Take care, all over the world, dear friends. I feel like wishing for world peace. I'll wish for some peace in your own corner of our world for now. Just maybe close your eyes and enjoy a moment *g*


Dec. 26th, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it arrived and gave pleasure - as yours did here!
I treated myself to a 'Pinky' which I'd never heard of, and now find myself hoping they bring them out in UK! Colin was very impressed with the soap. He wants to make handmade soap so I'd better start looking at ways to gift wrap it in case he does!! Your card is among the select few on the mantelpiece. Most of them are strung along the beams on their sides and look very festive but can't be read!



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