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I don't know what to talk about, my mind is full of all kinds of things today. We cleaned out the fish tank, I got a new battery for the Subaru, delivered and installed free by the AA which was nice. Christy went to town, Asher went to Papawai for the night and Finn had a friend over. The friend came with his temporary caregiver, who happened to be a good friend. So we had a coffee and a chat over the Australian Open first day matches. She said I ought to write fiction for teenagers. I said what I'm writing now is probably awfully tedious to anyone but me so maybe that's a good idea. I dunno. Maybe I should try a new idea. And finish the final final draft of Safe. Because I still believe in that. And I haven't done any schoolwork yet. Maybe tomorrow...

And OMG I listened to Brisbane Radio this evening because Nick was on it as a fill-in deejay and it was incredibly cool to listen to him chatting away.

Australian Open has begun today - my favourite Grand Slam event. I shall be near the tv every chance I get for the next couple of weeks. It's at a good time for us in NZ. US Open timing is a disaster if you lead a normal life down here, and same for Wimbledon, although I can watch some of that late each evening. I don't like watching the French Open so much. I don't like clay as a viewing surface, although there is usually some good drama in that tournament.

So. I'm just rabbitting on while Finn is waiting to use the bathroom and is arguing with the cat about some spilt milk. He's telling her to come back and clean up her mess and stop giving him the silent treatment... dare I tell him the cat doesn't like milk?


Jan. 14th, 2008 11:17 am (UTC)
Goody ! Tennis again...it will be on in the late evening and night here,but we see the re plays.
We did see some of the Dubai tennis,but usually they send it live if there is a German player !
Jan. 14th, 2008 11:36 am (UTC)
Yep, it's tennis. -usually they send it live if there is a German player !
Remember the heady days of Steffi Graf and Boris Becker?! I loved that tennis.



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