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The Breakfast Club...

We just watched Federer's game - four and a half hours of amazingly frustrating and finally triumphant tennis, and it's only third round! OMG!

Hewitt plays later tonight but they're running late so I don't think I'll stay up for that. I'm a bit tired. I have a lot bubbling in my head. Not stressfully, because after all it's holiday time. But I have plans I'm almost too afraid to sit down and write, I have a whole ending of Safe I might rework after a thoughtful trot to the supermarket tonight to get some roti (I looked at the bench and said I just didn't want to make a big, floury mess tonight). So I'll work on that at some stage tomorrow then get on with some school work, I guess. I have a LOT of work to do on Breathing Space too, but I'll use this year for that.

I've noticed some people are losing their jobs after writing nasty comments about work on their blogs. Pretty sad state of affairs. It's like blogs are important or something ;-)

I think I'll finally go back to Mass tomorrow. I haven't been since Christmas. We didn't go in Australia, and I was too tired to go last Sunday morning, and a little nervous about the music. This time, I've made a powerpoint and I'm just hoping the woman who played there last week will play again. I know the guitarists won't be back before the end of January.

I'm wondering if it's right that Edmund Hillary will get a much, much better send off than Hone Tuwhare. What we do for Queen and country counts, I guess. They apparently delayed the announcement of his conquering of Everest for four days, so it would coincide with the Coronation. Pretty sad, huh! Mind you, my grandparents were at that Coronation. They got to keep the stools they sat on, dark blue velvet. My mother has one of the stools at home.

And what else is on my mind? We went to friends for dinner last night, friends called in today, I am meeting friends tomorrow for coffee, it all seems very social! And I signed up for a writing course called something like, 'Get that novel written!' Hee! It just means spending some Saturdays in the library at High with some other writers, sharing your current work. Sounds like The Breakfast Club...


Jan. 19th, 2008 11:15 am (UTC)
We had some television but I don't think it was nationally available - just perhaps to the London area, hence seeing it at great uncle's house. I think they tried to get it everywhere for the coronation. Only a few people bought one in time, of course, and whole families or in some cases whole streets clustered round one small set.

The only bit of Alice I remember is the pack of cards falling on her at the end, but I'm told I was terrified most of the way through!

Maybe your grandfather's looks made him more memorable than other businessmen!! But I'm sure his contribution to the post war economy would have counted!

I remember colour television coming in and again, commentators had to change their style. It was no longer necessary for nature programmes to describe the colours of e.g. birds in detail!
Jan. 20th, 2008 02:22 am (UTC)
-Maybe your grandfather's looks made him more memorable than other businessmen!! But I'm sure his contribution to the post war economy would have counted!
His looks certainly made him popular with the Americans at the time! My mother has a photo of my grandfather where my grandmother pasted a newspaper picture of Ike on the back, and you can flip back and forward and not see much difference! Especially in those days where there wasn't a lot of television or media coverage, so people were more - innocent, or at least a lot less well informed than these days about which famous people they saw and where they were meant to be at the time.



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