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An interesting day of quiet achievements on a personal level. Hmmm, that sounds like Nick Earls talk. I've been rereading Zigzag St at night in bed. There are some absolutely beautiful phrases in that book, I'll share them some time. Anyway. Last night I looked up the theme for the Mass today, it was all about Jesus being the Lamb of God. Now, there are lots of songs about Jesus as shepherd, but we only have one good Lamb of God actual song (and not a response, got lots of those). So I just chose some general songs, made a powerpoint, got to church early and set it all up. And wow, people were really glad to see me back and I had most of a choir sitting with me at ten to ten. And I didn't have to play the piano, until communion, when the holiday pianist's son, who was altar serving, came over all faint and she had to go out the back to see him, so I had to step in and play one song! That was fine! I felt I was back. Plus JCjnr was making jokes about me during his sermon! We'll miss him when he goes next month.

Then later, after our friends left (the ones that always pop round after church), I went to a coffee shop in Seatoun to meet with two of my old (well, they're actually young, not even thirty!) colleagues. One I see all the time, but the other has been teaching in Samoa. We laughed and laughed about our tough times at the old school then Molia regaled us with tales of life in Samoa, how slow it all is, what she had to adjust to over there, stinging centipedes crawling out of the classroom sink, policemen with nothing better to do than direct her into a parallel park, queue jumpers in the bank, taxi drivers that want to marry her, weddings being front page news, it's all quite hilarious. And she has had to learn to take life much slower. If you order something and it takes 45 minutes to come, well, that's what it takes. There is no point getting hot under the collar. And it's hot there, she showers 3-4 times a day!

Thing was, it was great to laugh and laugh and laugh, until people were turning round to gaze at us, mostly with amusement! We three used to share a lot of laughs when we worked together, mainly so we didn't cry. But it was great then, and was great again today. It's awfully healthy to have a good laugh. Puts a lot of things in perspective.

And this evening? It's really really hot here. I'm writing. I'm polishing Safe. It's going well. Bits are being deleted, but all for the good of the greater whole. It feels good. Anything I wrote and felt uncomfortable about, is OUT. Sometimes you write something, and you feel it's necessary even though it makes you squirm. Now, a few months later, I can say, 'Out!' and that feels a lot better!
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