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Zigzag Street strikes again...

It is so hot here! I mean, really hot and humid. And the sun isn't even shining. It's amazing. We're not really used to it at all. It's like Australia. I've done a lot of laundry. And I have been working most of the day on schoolwork, in a patchy kind of way, swinging from one thing to another. I know a LOT more about philosophy now. And I have worked out my Social Justice scheme. I've planned my Year 9 beginning. I decided to text one of my teachers to ask her about what order she'd like to set up her year level topics so I could make a roster. I'm keen, huh. Still. I wanted to get things organised early. But in a particularly Richard Derrington fashion, I got a text back a few moments later, which surprised me: Jenny, you sent this to me. Jane. Jane is my Principal! OMG! I texted back in a shocked fashion, saying that she was listed in my phone under another teacher, but at least this proves I am working (it's still summer holiday time here)! She said she was impressed! We had a laugh back and forth, considering who the teacher was - she knew who I'd sent it to... *sigh* I think when that Year 11 girl died, I put their numbers into my phone so we could organise the funeral arrangements, and I must have gotten them mixed up! Yikes!

And in a moment of domestic bliss (it's Wellington Anniversary today so Steve is home) and perhaps reminiscent of Antipodean picnics in the summer at the bach, I have made a bacon and egg pie. I have not made one of these before. I am not sure how it will come out. I'll let you know...

So. Hot. Sticky. Not a breath of wind. Overcast skies. Even the rabbit is lying down. Phew. You northern hemipherers, please go lie in the snow for me *g*


Jan. 21st, 2008 04:49 pm (UTC)
Poor rabbit and guinea pig cant take their fur coats off either.

No snow here either,just grey and wet,it will soon flood at the canal if the rain doesnt stop.
Jan. 21st, 2008 07:37 pm (UTC)
-No snow here either,just grey and wet,it will soon flood at the canal if the rain doesnt stop.</i Gosh. That could be a worry. It looks like rain here but it was hot at seven o'clock this morning already. I'm taking the car to get the windshield wipers fixed soon, so I guess I'd better hope it stays dry for now! BTW did you dispose of your Christmas tree safely?
Jan. 22nd, 2008 08:42 am (UTC)
Yes, they are quite good here at encouraging us to be "green".There are several places to take tree/bush/branch type of things and deposit them. Then some firm comes along and shreds them all and they are taken away.
Jan. 22nd, 2008 10:07 am (UTC)
Apparently a man in Germany was throwing his tree from the balcony and he threw himself as well. I'm glad you are safe and sound. And being green is great. Now that our tree is fairly brown, it'll go on the barbecue some day soon!



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