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The nest of a confused bird

Finn needs a haircut. I looked at him this morning and I was able to use one of my Nick Earls quotes on him, one I never really understood completely until I looked at the back of Finn's head today...

Finn, I said, your hair looks like the nest of a confused bird.

I suspect Finn recognised the quote. I've read him bits of Zigzag Street before in moments of madness. He just shrugged and smiled. Nick would be impressed *g*

Today I painted. Not like vivh!! Today I painted Christy's bedroom. Since she's away, and it'll be her 16th birthday while she is away, I bought the paint this morning that she'd chosen and today I started to paint out the purple (Lilac Bush) walls. I am sad about this, because all her teen and tweeny stuff goes with the purple, and I feel like it all has to come down as she changes to a more mature grey walls, with white woodwork and her special choice of blue for fabric and highlights. Still, it's good to move along. Down came the huge Seth poster I bought her in Frankfurt. Down came the purple dream catcher we made together. Down came the purple mosquito net! I did take some photos which I'll share later! I guess the purple butterfly bedcover will have to go, too...

And it's so hot, the paint was drying while I was painting! OMG! I had to work fast. It'll look good. I'll take photos when I'm done.

Now I might take some of these boys home... too many boys in the house today, although the four boys I had here last night amused themselves for an entire evening playing one long game of SpongeBob Squarepants Monopoly!



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