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Goodbye to Monsignor Carde...

It was JC jnr's last Mass in our church today. He's been our parish priest for seven years and we are going to miss him terribly. He is very funny, very quick, is a brilliant ad-libber, a snappy one-liner, he's warm, caring, observant and generous. At Christmas each year, instead of giving people gifts, he sends out Christmas cards with a photocopy of his receipt from a huge personal donation to the Refugee Family Reunification Trust! But he also wrote Steve and I a letter and gave us a big bundle of petrol vouchers. He's very kind. It will not be the same without him. My friend next to me started crying during the first song and had tears in her eyes for the whole Mass. I didn't cry. JC jnr popped in the other day and told Christy and me that he was making a 'clean break' and we were not to visit him LOL! He said that's the way it's supposed to be. So I tried to just enjoy his last Eucharist.

He went to Viet Nam as a chaplain. There is a quote from him:
"I didn't talk about my experience in Vietnam for nearly 10 years. We sort of slinked home full of experiences of war we tried to bury. I thought I was unscathed but have realised over time that there were issues I had to work through. I find myself completely unable to watch imitations of violence and death on television, having witnessed the real pain and destruction of war. Other men I talk with, their families paid the price, they have a string of broken marriages and bad relationships behind them."
Msgr John Carde Armed Forces Padre

He will also no longer be the Vicar General. And in the true spirit of generosity, at a Mass where he should have had all the attention, he shared the Mass with a visiting Vicar General from Sri Lanka, who was visiting his niece here. He spoke about the tsunami and how it devastated his diocese (he lives in the south), and he spoke about the war in the north and the east. He said how disappointed everyone was with the terrorism and war there. He prayed for a lasting peace.

And so. I have been painting on and off all weekend. My shoulder is stiff and I couldn't turn around this morning but a good application of Tiger Balm and it seems to have gotten a lot better. I am going to do one more coat on one wall before it gets dark tonight. It's already half past eight. Better run! Catch you later...


Jan. 28th, 2008 07:38 pm (UTC)
It's sad that JC jnr is moving on, where is he going, what is he doing next? Do you know who will replace him? What is the process for that in your church?
Jan. 29th, 2008 04:32 am (UTC)
He's off to be assistant at Paraparaumu, a big step down from Vicar General, and one he wasn't particularly impressed with. But he's going to have fun anyway, I know it! The replacements are all decided by the Bishop, with a lot of the VG's help (But JC didn't get to choose his own moving! They did that after he left, apparently!).
And he actually addressed the whole thing in the sermon and made an interesting point and I wonder what people here would think. He said that we Catholics get 'who we're given' and the essential Mass and teachings are just passed on from one person to another (yeah right!!). He wondered if a non-Catholic Christian parish that can hire its own minister, like a job, can they skew that, say, hire someone who is hard on Social Justice but soft on ... some other issue, so the people get what they want and does that make them too comfortable and likely to have a parish that is perhaps 'biased' on certain things, choosing ministers who can back that up?

Or is that a good thing?

I suspect JC jnr wanted to convince us that it was good he was going, convincing us to accept a new priest as a challenge to our current comfort zones!!



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