natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Today I woke up after a few hours sleep (damn that cleaning of the Stadium), finished Q & A (which was very good, even though I felt the ending wasn't as well written as the rest of it) and then we went into town so I could buy my Buddhist prayer flags. I can't wait to hang them up across the windows of my classroom. The city was full of SEVEN's supporters last night and again this morning. It's a huge thing here to dress up, and wow, do people dress up, in groups. It started with matching Hawaiian shirts, and developed into a full-blown carnival-type dress-up, where everyone in your group looks the same, or wears the same themed clothes, or joins together to form something. We watched a group of guys walk across the road in front of us last night in single file, each wearing a kind of yellow barrel construction round their middles. They formed a yellow submarine! People dress as tarts, prostitutes, maids, Flinstones, Mr T (and a whole group might all be Mr T or they might be the A Team), policemen, sheriffs, cowboys, even cows. Most bizarre I saw this morning (the city is FULL of these tourists) was a man dressed in black with a clerical collar, and he had a dummy of a toddler affixed to his trousers with its face pressed against the fly of his pants. Everyone spends a lot of time on their costumes and there are spot prizes, I think.

But better news, who won the Sevens Tournament? England? Wales? USA? Fiji? Australia? Samoa? Tonga? Argentina? Kenya? Noooooooooooooo, it was NEW ZEALAND *g* and I am NOT cleaning up the Stadium this time!

And today I received a lovely postcard from moth2fic and vivh, which was very exciting. Thank you, thank you, that was so kind *g*
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