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Shrove Tuesday tomorrow... Pancakes!

So. I survived the Staff Only Day.  The liturgy I was so worried about yesterday went really well and quite a few people were really nice about it afterwards. Some teachers particularly enjoy a good 'moment'  so that was great to hear from them.  I made an amazing river of stones on the floor in the centre of the room - I laid out black paper in a random pattern, then I trickled big mismatched beach stones from Breaker Bay yesterday, small white stones I bought from Palmers last year, brown rough stones one of my seniors borrowed from the Attaturk Memorial, little blue and green fairy stones and various sizes of purple candles (for Lent), plus a big scallop shell and some dried beach grass.  It looked great, and the kind of people I work with can appreciate that kind of thing *g*    I got through my Departmental meeting too. My staff seem really keen to have a great year.  My final reflection of the day went fine. I have to lead prayers for the rest of the week at morning staff meeting as well (and do all the dishes). Then my turn is over for a couple of terms.  I have a heap of paperwork to do but I'm trying to reassure myself that I can cope with that tomorrow morning after staff briefing...

It's finally raining here. It's been so dry, we were wondering when it would ever rain again. Now we know... *g* it's actually chilly this evening. I'm looking forward to going to bed.  JC jnr left a whole pile of his old religious books for us to take if we want, and there just happened to be a big fat copy of Vikram Seth's Two Lives, a kind of biography-memoir-reflection. He's the one who wrote A Suitable Boy, which I loved so much. I didn't like his one about the musicians though... what was it.. An Equal Music. I felt that one was wringing me dry. I never finished it, which is not like me.  I hope this one is okay.

Poor, poor Christy has another subject clash this year. Last year's clash meant she had to drop out of her beloved German. This year it will have to be Chemistry or Art History and she was so keen to do both. I am going in to do battle for her tomorrow but there just isn't a solution that will get her what she wants.  It's so disappointing. And it's cost me a fortune to let her do adult German conversational classes, and I've just paid for another season of that. I have no idea why she even learns German. We don't really know many Germans. She never came to Germany with me. If we meet someone who speaks German, she clams up. I don't even know if I'd ever go back to Germany again, even though I wrote about it so lovingly in Safe.  But I guess Christy will go there, sometime soon.

And so. My flist has been on overload, I never saw so many posts since I last looked! I might blame my darling vpikyle for much of it though, he's on a roll!!! *hugs kyle* 
Thanks though, guys, gave me heaps to read. Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday. Now at least I know what we'll have for breakfast.
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