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A meme...

I was tagged! That is a surprise! So I guess I ought to play the game, huh...  gee, thanks moth2fic xxx but I might struggle to find seven people to tag...

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

Habits, quirks, facts...
1. I am a Kiwi called Takahe. Although I guess I'm referred to as Nate's Mountain nowadays.
2. I detest bananas. I don't even like typing the word. I hate the smell, sight, feel, sense, sound and presence of them. I can often detect one being eaten anywhere in a ten metre radius. If I get too close to someone eating one, or see/smell a discarded one, or have to be near ripe ones in a fruit bowl in someone's house or even in a store, I will have to suppress an incredibly strong desire to throw up. My friends move their fruit! My students are mostly considerate enough not to leave a skin in my classroom bin - I found this out when I berated a student last year for being out of my room. She had gone to the bin along the corridor to get rid of her banana skin so that it wouldn't affect me!!!
3. I think. All the time. I think and overthink every conversation, every situation, and that makes me horrifically and rather stupidly sensitive to what and how others say things. And I say stupidly because really life is short and does what people say really matter that much? Probably not in the grand scheme of things. People matter but what they say? Not so much. Losing people is far worse than any crap that spills out of their mouths, really. I wish all of my former friends could feel that.
4. I can play the piano, the guitar and the flute but none of them with greatness.
5. I am deeply religious and yet struggle with belief constantly. And I know that shouldn't be such an enigma. Mother Teresa felt the same, found out recently.  It does unsettle some people though if they hear me express my doubts, as they seem to think my faith is some sort of righteous gift that I carry around in my pocket, never doubting the Lord *snort*  I think it's much more honest to face one's doubts and embrace them, perhaps as a challenge, perhaps as a scientist, perhaps as a lonely person, perhaps as a hopeful person. Ultimately, I do believe in heaven and hell, and I believe those can face the love of God at the end of their lives and still reject God, they are the ones who will go to hell. The rest, once embraced by God's amazing love, will be swept up in the wonder and joy of that, and they'll all zoom into some mystifying but eternal happiness and peace.  See you there.
6. I write. I have a great imagination and I could play with my characters until the cows come home.  I love to write descriptively as well. I love to capture a scene that I can picture in my head and turn it  into words so that the reader can perhaps see even a glimpse of what I see.
7. I had a very unusual upbringing and I think I'll never quite be the same because of it. But it made me a stronger person than I might otherwise have been and I know nothing can ever really shock me to the point of not coping.  I maybe came close with Elaine leaving me as a bestest friend way back when. That took me an entire weekend to even think straight. I hope she finds love, in this world or the next. She sure didn't want mine *snort* I guess few long-time single people really truly do.
So. There you have it... tagging others? I - I - I *shrug* I can't do it, it seems too demanding by me! So I shall break the rules and not tag you. For now. I'd better go to bed NOW instead.
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