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Hey there, team, how are you?  I am waaaaaay behind. Sorry.  I've been absolutely flat out this week, Monday was a normal school day, then I had a staff meeting after school, so I didn't get home until five, at seven I had to be at a meet-the-teachers at Finn's new school, but I also had to be at a meeting for the Archdiocese about youth at the same time. I went to that after the school meeting and I made it for the last hour! Home before ten. Then I had to get Mass plans done because today was a school Mass. Tuesday evening was meet-the-teachers at Asher's college, and I spent the rest of the time planning the Mass and making a really thorough powerpoint with lots of images in it.  I was so tired at the meet-the-teachers I think I actually fell asleep for a moment - I missed the introduction of one teacher!! I don't think my friends I was sitting with noticed.

Anyway, the Mass went really well. We're not a big college, just three hundred, so we just fit neatly into the church down the road. It's a nice church, just built a few years ago, to replace the awful L shaped construction they had there with an altar in the corner.  The new Principal turned up from our brother college and concelebrated (shared the celebration of the eucharist, as he is a priest - they haven't had a priest in charge for quite a while), which was really nice of him. He must have popped away from his school sports day.  Ours is on Friday. Yay. I'm on first aid duty... and gate keeping.... and wallet minding.  Whoopee.  I'd prefer javelin or high jump. *shrug* I'm not going to complain. I guess at least I won't get wet if it rains.

But anyway, the Mass was GREAT! It's such a relief, after last year's debacle. Now I know what they want and what they need, which helps enormously. It was even quite a spiritual event, and the priest was wonderful. Back in the staffroom I asked him if he'd marry me *g* He had a good laugh.
He spoke well to the girls, really meaningful words, and he used my choices of readings well, too. For the Gospel, I chose the woman caught in adultery. She would have been stoned, but Jesus suggested that the person without any sin of their own cast the first stone (aka rock!). Very quickly, the place emptied out and the woman was left alone. Jesus told her to get going and not to sin again. A fresh start. A new beginning. That was my focus for the Mass at the start of the year.

I still have piles of work to do at the moment, but I'm so relieved that the stress of the Mass is over.  There isn't another big Mass for ages now.  Things like that though, your rep at the school is damaged if your events go badly, believe me!!!

So that's all about me. I'll have to get through all your posts and see how you all are, huh. 

And Lost started again tonight and it was very odd.  I watched while I was marking books. The reviewer in the paper suggested we've come to accept it as a kind of art form and we're no longer expecting a satisfactory resolution or even loose ends to be tied up. We're just going with the flow!  Not a bad idea all round...  I might find that 'busy' icon Moth made for me! 


Feb. 13th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
Sounds so busy... but a productive happy sort of busy at the moment... glad things are going well!

What would you have done if the priest had said yes!!?
Feb. 14th, 2008 09:52 am (UTC)
Well, you know what it's like to be busy ;-))

-What would you have done if the priest had said yes!!?
To the proposal? Um... *giggle* I would have kissed him and then broken the news that I'm already married *g* I did give him a big hug. He was just so delightful, we are very lucky.



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