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Being head of department is proving rather difficult as we try to incorporate the new curriculum, mainly for me because I wasn't involved in any planning of the implementation of the old one. So it's all a bit of a mystery and rather daunting. But I'll hang in there, I think. I had some wonderful lessons today, with my senior students in several classes really buzzing. And all on different topics, too. I was introducing my plans for the next couple of weeks for my Year 13s and we were about to watch a video about a cult called The Family. I explained that next week I'd try to book us some computer time to do some research and this girl said, 'You know, Mrs O'B, you're the best teacher ever!' I was a little taken aback but I said thanks. She added that she had just been in history where the teacher just discusses the notes then writes them on the board. 'And you,' she add, 'here you are with videos, computer time, and you let us discuss things in the classroom...'  *shrug* I think it's the way we have to teach now.  I think maybe she was trying so show there were no hard feelings over an incident with her and her cell phone on retreat last week, where I had to put the hard word on her usage of said instrument!

My Ethics class started the Training Traders game today, do you remember me talking about that last year? It's a game to show the girls how the poor stays poor sometimes, and it's not because they are not working hard.  And my Year 12s discussed grieving today, sitting in a circle, and I think I've cracked them, they all co-operated really fully today, and even the boys (I have five in this class) joined in much better than usual. It feels good to be sitting in a circle and really discussing something meaningfully.  Sure beats notes on the board.

Finn left for the Sounds on the ferry this morning. And Steve is away tonight, so it's quiet here. I have a heap of work to do so I might do it now... at half past ten. How come I never get an early night?! I had an HOD meeting after school, then Asher had soccer practice, then I baby sat until Christy could get there from German, then we had dinner. And Christy is just having her dinner now!  Our lives seem very busy.

My Ethics class are still very hot on the Australian issue, the 'apology'. They are determined to follow it up, see what eventuates from the whole thing. And now they are asking to see images of slums and shanty towns to help them with the Trading Trainers game.  I think I have a Caritas DVD somewhere.  Or I might Google some pics.  One girl was honest enough to admit she had no concept of it. I described Mexico City and one girl asked if I had been there. I said no. She said I described it just like I had. I said I was just good at describing things *g* - heh, if only she knew what sorts of things I had described in the past in my writing...
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