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farewell Michael Taylor...

Hi there. Been to do music and stuff at a huge funeral today of a man in our parish. He was amazing, and lived life to the full. People shared stories last night at the rosary, and today one of his daughters read a brilliant eulogy about him, and two of the grandchildren made a great powerpoint with music of dozens of photos of him and his wife and family and all the things they got up to. He was only 69 which is really sad. He and his wife were devoted. He was a big party and family guy too, and always had a glass in his hand! One person at the rosary said, some people see the glass as always half empty, some see it as half full, this guy always saw it full to the brim. There were photos of him scuba diving, tramping, travelling overseas, waterskiing, partying in all manner of dress-up costumes, going to the opera, family, family, family, and so many activities. He was a great parishioner, too, and we shall miss him. He helped save the school many years ago when we were new in the parish with a big donation, too. We all sniffed our way through the service in a very packed church. No JC jnr though. It was sad without him there to participate in the farewell.

And that has taken up most of my weekend, although after lunch today I learnt how to score cricket for Asher's team. You have to score for the bowler, the batter, the running total, the outs, the extras, the score for the end of each over, the score at each out, how people went out and all that. It was fun. I sat with a parent from the other team under a tree (it was raining) and we would compare scores every couple of balls! He was very helpful. I rather enjoyed the challenge and my friend arrived with coffee not long before we decided it was just too wet to go on, so we were home by four o'clock instead of nearly six. As we left, we had to climb a low fence and a stray wire stripped a long hole in my finger. I got in my friend's car and we didn't have anything to stem the blood flow! She drove home round the bays from Owhiro Bay and I tried to keep my finger in my mouth or squeeze it in my other hand (that didn't kill the pain though) but there was too much blood! So finally I took off my sock and wrapped my finger in that! At least it was clean on after lunch *snort*.

And Finn returned from camp very happy and in one piece. We actually missed him! Family all back together. How are things with you?
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