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The boys and I just rode our bikes (well, Finn took his scooter) down to The Warehouse. We rode through the tunnel under the airport. Usually it's empty but today it was really odd, there was a boy on a motor scooter riding towards us in the dark! Two African boys just leaving as we came in. And three huge Samoan teenage boys singing something holy in perfect three part harmony, their voices rippling down the length of the tunnel. It was beautiful and quite surreal.

My Ethics class is the best thing ever! I have 24 Year 12 girls and I love the way they work. They are keeping a log, a journal, this year, and I try to encourage them to write in it whenever I remember before the end of the lesson. Otherwise, it's homework. Today I took a chair with me round the classroom and sat with each girl and had a peek at their journals. I'm impressed with some of their reflections on our discussions and activities. I think the content of their comments will deepen, too, as they recognise the value of their own reflections on our topics. Next term will be closer to home and more contentious when we do bioethics, and the term afterwards we grapple with the existence of God! So that should spark some good entries *g* I also talked to each girl about her participation level in our discussions. Some are quieter than others and I wanted to find out why in each case. One is happy to be quiet, one thinks she'll get better as the year progresses, one feels her thought processes are too slow, by the time she's thought of something, someone else has said it! That might be because English is not her first language, I dunno. These are all particularly bright girls, so it's interesting how they analyse themselves.

On other fronts, I'm really drop-dead tired but there is a lot to do in the next few days so no rest ahead there. I have a four hour meeting tomorrow afternoon, starting at 1 pm and my morning class finishes at 12.45. I have fifteen minutes to get right across town. I have a wedding to play at on Saturday, cricket all day, and our friends are having a parish picnic out in the Wairarapa... yikes. Also, it's Palm Sunday this weekend. I really don't care this year. Last night I took our new priest aside and told him he's scaring our new parents and not to do that *g* Then I sent him home, telling him we'll lock up the church, so we could reassure the parents that we'd look after them! Anyway... gotta go get Christy from clarinet, take the boys, buy them dinner, get to a music practice at half past seven... Steve is still away. Maybe I might go to bed early? There just isn't enough time in the day.


Mar. 15th, 2008 12:12 am (UTC)
I'm already in a whole bunch of parish activities!

I love your icon. I wish I could wear something like that on my head when I go to Mass. That'd sort him out no sweat!
Mar. 15th, 2008 11:18 am (UTC)
I know you are - but you seem to be taking on more of the responsibilities than ever!! I suppose that's inevitable when you see problems that need to be addressed but I just wish it wasn't the case for you!

My penguin (Fledge made it, of course) will accompany you virtually and you can glare too!!
Mar. 16th, 2008 10:13 am (UTC)
Hee, I don't think I'm surprised that Fledge made the 'glaring hot penguin death' icon *g* I like the idea of it coming along with me.
Because the priest is a legal eagle, I've taken to saying to him, when he says something is to be done a certain way, 'Does it HAVE to be that way?' and he has to say, no because he can't lie about the law. Then I just walk away and do things our way *g*



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