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Who has the answer?

Well, it's really hot here but nothing like it must be for margaret_r over in South Oz, where there is such a threat of more fires. I'll definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Oh and you too, hannahfmuk!

Here I've been busy as usual. I had a meeting yesterday at 1 pm which meant leaving my classes for the afternoon and going in to the Catholic Centre. Then we had a ten minute break and began a second meeting, on a different topic. My Deputy Principal joined me for that one as it was a technical one about achievement standards, and she gave me a ride back to school - by then it was rush hour traffic but we managed to avoid the queues on the whole and I was home before 6 pm. Still had to collect Finn from a friend's house though, and that involved several glasses of wine *g* so I can't complain! Today Christy had to be up early to cook sausages for T-ball, a World Youth day fundraiser, I had to drop stuff off to our friend's church garage sale (good time to offload some stuff), Asher had cricket, Finn was going out with friends, I had a wedding to play at this afternoon - oh and that was so nice, the bride and the groom sniffed and were teary for the entire ceremony! It was really moving! I also had to whip up the hill afterwards to meet the Samoan community and engage their assistance for Easter singing. If we don't ask, they get the pip and won't sing.

I shared some of the day's news yesterday with my class, because one of our girls was in the paper (she has won a scholarship to a United World College, one of only two scholarships in the country). We couldn't believe a man in Kansas let his partner stay in the bathroom for two years. Or that a bride in China set fire to her husband in a drunken rage because he wouldn't wash his feet - he died. The world is an odd place, indeed. We were learning about Waco yesterday, watching a CNN news special as the place was still burning. The girls were amazed at the power of 'David Koresh' - lately we've looked at the Family, Jonestown, Heaven's Gate... and that hilarious piece on YouTube where Tom Cruise tries to tell us why it's so important to belong to the Church of Scientology. But he doesn't really say anything at all, in about ten minutes! Only that he has the answer. *snort* Who really has the answer?

Now it is nearly five pm, the house is empty, apart from me (Christy has gone off to town, Steve is still at cricket with Asher, Finn has gone to the Wairarapa), so I'm going to make coffee, put my feet up and do some writing....
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