natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Good night, good night, one week to go until it's Easter. I have to teach fourteen lessons (Week A is a good week for me, particularly at the start of the week), there's no school on Friday, and Finn has no school on Thursday either. I do have a Parents' night to go to at school tomorrow night but it's just a general chat night, not a one-to-one session, they come later in the year. I have baked green cookies for morning tea tomorrow at school as it's St Patrick's Day.

We went to an Open Home with our friends today, their second, trying to convince the husband that they need to buy a house with no stairs (their current house is on three levels, with more stairs up the back to the garden and eventually up to the gate, three levels higher). He feels very unwilling to move though. His wife, my good friend, is more worried about his very crippled father coming to stay again in a few months. It was hard enough last time. She wants to get into a level house asap.

Christy brought some International students round this afternoon so they could interview me about being married for a long time, for their RE assignments! Then we added a Sister of Mercy into the mix, an old friend of mine, who came round to talk about her life as a religious! It was an interesting afternoon, but I got no work done... heh, nothing new there. Oh well. Gotta go to bed. We survived Palm Sunday with Fr Codfish and now we look ahead with slight trepidation to Easter...

Oh, and fledge is due next week! OMG isn't that exciting, an LJ baby *g*
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