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Gosh LJ gets busy when I'm busy. I feel like I'm behind. SO HAPPY EASTER everyone who celebrates the holiday! We had Friday off, with shops mostly closed, Sunday all shops closed except dairies and petrol stations (very unusual here) and Monday is a public holiday too. Best thing is, Tuesday is a day off for schools as well *g* although I shall have to go to work because I am MOVING INTO MY NEW CLASSROOM. I shall have a whole block of my own right between the car park and the admin block (which means staffroom LOL) *g*

So. What else do I have to share? Asher's team won the Kapiti tournament. He came home triumphant with another medal. It was a knockout tournament this year, so they were doubly lucky to hang in there. Marty only chose the final squad last Tuesday!
Christy was away all weekend at Easter camp, which she enjoyed but she didn't sleep much. She was completely shattered this evening!
Finn spent the weekend with me (all his friends were away)! On Saturday we went to the paint shop and got some test pots and painted his old skateboard with a new brand logo, and it'll hang on his wall above his bunk! He was very pleased. Give me a few testpots and a d/l of a the latest boards and I can paint any fancy board logo *g*

The Easter Vigil was boring as hell. Three old priests who have little personality, no care for the parishioners and a triple inability to hold a tune, and you have an idea how it all went. I was on cue for all the psalms we had to sing, and I do like playing in the dark church, with the only light over my piano, but to be honest, these priests, they don't inspire one religious bone in my body. I might as well give up, but the community is so strong, there is a lot of encouragement for me to hang in there. We had such good spirit... it's hard.

Today I painted some windowsills, we had friends round for lunch and we went to some Open Homes with them before and after. They want a house without stairs so it's fun looking into all the local homes! I always rush home afterwards and do some tidying! And the brother-in-law came for dinner. We couldn't buy anything (since all the supermarkets were closed) but we had plenty of food in the house and he brought a cheesecake with him! We watched some ultra-violent OTT tongue-in-cheek movie called... I think it was Shoot 'Em Up, and they did manage to engender some empathy for the main character, then we watched A Few Days in September, where Juliette Binoche was uncomfortably thin and haggard looking, puffing on thin brown cheroot thingys, and there was a bit of action and a lot of mind games, pre September 11. I didn't like it much really. The only bonus was Nick Nolte (who had star billing) only came in at the end and was almost immediately shot!

So that's my weekend so far. Busy but pretty relaxing in terms of not running around after everyone. No time at the computer but I'm thinking of you all. And it's sunny. It's stil really hot and sunny most of the time. I had all the doors open, the deck doors wide, windows open wide all over the house. Great for us. Bad for the farmers. It's pretty dry out there. But now it's tomorrow. I had better get to bed, do some reading. I bought The Appeal. I am not liking John Grisham's more recent novels so much but I'm giving this one a go. I'll let you know *g*

Oh and peace be with you. You deserve it.
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