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Laying low...

I'm having a few hassles moving into my new classroom, mainly because several other people have decided it might be stressful for me, and they keep interfering, so consequently I'm getting it on all sides and I really don't like that! I am trying to lay low and just get things done without anyone noticing OMG! I am slippery as an eel, but it means I don't get any time in the staffroom. Tomorrow I shall get it all done during class time, and I won't be talking to ANYONE about it...

The colours are great though. I'll get some photos next week so you can have a look. I now have paint (the painter is just finishing the outside), carpet, a whiteboard (unfortunately an old one!), an office with some rusty old shelves *snort* a reminder that we're a poor school! I have a sacred space to fill next to my room and that's going to be cool, my classes are really excited! I have a verandah (that's a deck) out the front that faces north, where our sun shines most of the day, and eventually I shall have landscaping as well.

I took my ethics class to the school library today to do some research for their social justice assignments. One of my girls brought up the Catholic Church's opinion about homosexuality and after reading it, called me over to her computer. She was fairly upset as she is a tolerant, level-headed and very deep-thinking girl, with a passion for fairness and human rights. It was very hard to discuss the Church's viewpoint (which I won't elaborate on here because frankly it's not very ...accommodating, and I wouldn't want to hurt any of my flist). I said she just had to state the Church's teaching for the purpose of the assignment, and she was welcome to share a personal disagreement ;-)


Mar. 28th, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
I'll take pics on Monday.

-It's hard when the church's viewpoint and your own viewpoint are so very different. I think especially as a teenager, because you're already so confused about the world!
Yeah, that was hard. This girl really cares - and what makes it harder is that her parents (who I knew years ago) sent her and her sister to Catholic school especially to awaken an interest in social justice and concern for the world. Luckily that has really worked. They're wonderful girls who will make their mark on the world.



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