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Tihei Mauriora... ko Kaukau taku maunga...

I was on a morning course today for Maori spirituality. It runs for six weeks. Today I sat next to a Sister of Mercy who has cancer. She didn't tell me (I knew once she'd introduced herself as I'd heard the news), she just told me she had been unwell and when she realised who I was and what I was doing at school, said she'd like to give me some of her things for our sacred space. That was really kind of her. Thing was, as we talked, I felt like I could feel the cancer inside of her, like an awful thing clawing its way through her body. It was like I could sense it behind her knitted jersey. I felt I just wanted to touch her, help her somehow. She looked very fragile. It was a strange sensation.

It's very late, I've been marking test papers and now it's half past midnight. I'd better go to bed. I took First Reconciliation tonight, with seventeen children (and their parents!). It's fun to teach the children that if they're really sorry, if they can feel remorse and express it out loud, then they can move ahead with a clean slate. I love sharing that notion with them. Children are so forgiving and so giving, it's easy to help them learn the welcome gift of forgiveness. And it's really all about love. I wish it were as easy for us adults, huh.

Good night, all you guys.


Apr. 8th, 2008 07:57 am (UTC)
Nice. Thanks for sharing here. I think it's excellent that you got the hug in. And great that someone usually irritating could present in a better light for you.
I am not sure this nun would have wanted a hug, but who knows! Next time, I'll reach out a little closer. I think it's important to respond to our deepest feelings sometimes, take a risk *g*

*hugs blue_leaf *



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