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Catching up...

Hello, my friends. I have had a very busy week, and haven't had a chance to sit here, or if I have had, I've been so incredibly tired, I couldn't muster the energy. Even now, I'm up, and it's 8:42 and I wish I was in bed. But once I wake up, I just can't go back to sleep. At half past midnight I was walking over to Strathmore to meet Christy and her friends. It was dead calm, a beautiful night, and I was glad we can walk safely round the place at that time of night. We'd all been at a friend's surprise 40th birthday party, and the husband hired Christy, his daughter and another friend to do the drinks and serve the nibbles and stuff. We just partied, although I only drank Sprite all night. The boys went to a friend's house right across the road from the party so that was handy.
One evening during the week, I had Parent Interviews at Hogwarts. That was funny because Finn came to meet me afterwards on his scooter. I didn't know he was coming and as I came out of the school gates, I could see this tiny figure in the distance under the trees - the street is lined with huge trees - and I thought, huh, that looks like Finn but ...nah, he's at home. But it was. It was nice to walk home together in the fading light. And nice he's old enough to come and meet me.

I had a lot of other things on but you know what? I can't even think what they were now. I seem to be exhausted all the time but I know it's just from too much family stuff, too much school work and too little sleep and no rest. Oh, I started coaching Finn's soccer team. That was great and they won 7:1 yesterday. I couldn't go though, I had my writing course. I said I'd give it one last chance, and it was actually okay! There were only seven of us instead of the original twelve so that took the pressure off the teacher, I suspect. And I went second. I read some of Breathing Space again. The teacher tried to make me read the follow-on from the last time but I wanted to try a different chapter out on them. We had a bit of a standoff but luckily the American lady in the team said in her delicious Queens accent, 'Let her read what she wants to!' and so I did *g*. And the reception from the group was really good again. I guess I am always expecting someone to say, 'hey, that didn't work for me' but they all liked it a lot. Incentive, huh... even though I had not one minute to write all month. If I did open my laptop, I'd just fall asleep!

School was good but busy. My seniors and I watched One Man, Six Wives and Twenty-Nine Children which came on tv last week, and we did some research on Tom Green and his polygamist ways. And then they raided that compound in west Texas during the week, taking away 401 children. Amazing, huh, what people think God might approve of... and if you're bored, I'm supposed to be reading a Vatican Document on hope by the new Pope and OMG this would beat any boredom known to mankind. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

One week of term to go!!! Then we're planning another road trip that will end up at my mother's house. Watch this space. We have two weeks off, but soccer at each end. And what else do I know? I missed being here. The weather is awesome but definitely cooler now. Condensation is rearing its ugly head and I love to throw open the windows in the early morning. Hate going to work while they're still wet though. I might use the old baby nappies to dry them each morning now that I've repainted a lot of the windowsills recently. Our house is an old one. 1920. And I have a LOT of work to do, I've just baked two cakes for Christy's WYD stall after Mass, and it's our friend's birthday so I might just make apple pie for lunch. Sound indulgent? I think we deserve something nice today. Before I do my school preparation...

So that is me.
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