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It's raining...

It's raining. I love it. It's half past ten so I'm going to go to bed very shortly to mark assignments and tests and listen to the rain.

This morning I went to the second instalment of Maori Spirituality. My boss enrolled me on a six week course! It's just one morning a week, so nothing too taxing. Today was great, all about just what I asked for last week, the weaving of Maori spirituality with Catholicism, so that you can teach it as one thing rather than two separate things. And it's possible! The whole Maori creation story makes it possible to bring one's knowledge of Genesis to a whole new level with remarkable imagery. I love it. And we talked about 'mauri' the life force in everything. Even rocks. Which explains a lot about my deep love of rocks.

On other levels, what's on the agenda? I had to get involved in some bullying in Asher's soccer team this week, albeit reluctantly. I wanted the boys to sort it out, but a couple of other ones involved in it all had a fight on Saturday afternoon so I got a call from the team manager on Sunday about 'what did I know' - which hopefully helped to put things in some kind of perspective. I really didn't want to have to say anything.

Pastoral area Mass yesterday at St Pats College, and Christy and I made jokes all the way through. The Codfish sat on the stage with a bunch of other priests pouting and looking like a spoilt brat. I know it's the message and not the messenger but really... OMG he looks so uncomfortable in any crowd. Why on earth did he become a parish priest? He could have been a monk or a friar, some contemplative order.

On a funnier note, my friend K's mother, widowed after two divorces, dropped everything and became a Buddhist nun a few years ago, when my Asher and his Alex were about eight (she is Alex's grandmother). Last week, K was talking to a Chinese woman who is struggling to comprehend the teaching we're doing for her son in first reconciliation. She said to Kim, 'It's hard because my mother is a Buddhist.'
'Don't worry about it,' said K reassuringly, 'So's mine!!'

I'm looking forward to writing in the holidays. I can't wait. I can't wait. I must clear my agenda so I have no other work hanging over my head. Yikes. That's a big ask! I just want to write and write. It's all I really want to do, even though my job is brilliant, wonderful, fun, stimulating and challenging. I still want to write. *sigh* I so want to write.
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