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Phil Gulley... and me...

I just found out I had an Inbox on my LJ! I had never looked before. I really don't get much time to hang around here so I don't do much investigating. I looked at a few pages of it but it just contained LJ comments, 134 pages of them. I deleted the lot *g* They're all there on my LJ so I don't think I need a copy in my heretofore unknown Inbox. So. That was my pc housework for the day.

helen_c has been very clever and sent me a heap of pics of churches in her part of the world. I am so lucky! I'll be adding some of them to my 'file' for teaching Church Architecture later in the year. Thanks again, dear Helen xx Merci beaucoup

It's pouring here. We had a heap of heavy rain warnings for the north and south today. After the 6 teenagers and their teacher drowning a fortnight ago in a flash flood, the weather people don't want to get blamed for anything, I bet. It stayed fine here today but now it's really heavy rain. I like going to bed when it's raining, hearing the rain on the corrugated iron roof, it sounds great. It makes me feel much cosier in bed.

Steve is away up north tomorrow so we're on our own for the rest of the week. That should be quite nice too, relaxing before the second term gets going next week. But oh dear, I'd love another week off! I'm barely getting started on the jobs that need doing around here, let alone any schoolwork OMG!

Oh, and Phil Gulley's sermon on maturity was good today. All about putting troubles in perspective, and being grown up about it. I really liked it. He said Perspective: the ability to give situations and circumstances their appropriate weight. Perspective is that calm voice in us that opens the door when hysteria comes knocking.
It's good to get a reality check now and then, see if your problems are really big or just little ones. And therefore, what kind of a fuss are you making? -It is a bit humbling, but also comforting, and a bit liberating to realize that many of the burdens we carry exist mostly in our minds. There was a good bit he quoted from someone else about a lump, and being able to tell the difference between a lump in your porridge, a lump in your throat and a lump in your breast... Phil's approach to life levels me in ways nothing else can.


May. 3rd, 2008 11:01 am (UTC)
-but I shall be careful not to let you know when, or whether anything disappears!!! LOL!
Hee, thanks, Mothy *g*



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