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May. 12th, 2008

I told Steve we'd be unhappy for a day if ManU lost, huh, and he said, no, he'd be unhappy for a year... luckily we didn't lose. I do feel for my friend who has become such a Chelsea fan. It's odd, we live here but I grew up in a ManU household and then married into one as well!

I've been really busy. We had Pentecost at Mass yesterday and then First Reconciliation (the old First Confession) at four in the afternoon. That went okay. I try to like the Codfish but he makes me cry every time he speaks. So liking him isn't going so well. Liturgy meeting tonight... watch this space *snort*

I have to go away next weekend to Napier for O'Shea Shield, a big Catholic schools public speaking competition. I wasn't planning to go but apparently the DRS is expected to show up and be counted since it's a Special Character based competition (the drama theme has to be religious, the questions are religious, there is a Scripture Reading contest, that kind of thing - I don't know what the debates will be about yet) so Christy and I might drive up - it's about 4 and a half hours away. As if I don't have enough to do here! I popped home to grab a book on my way to my Maori Spirituality course this morning and there was a message saying the course is half an hour late, so I figured I'd update then go *g* so hi!

*Sigh* I guess I'd better get going. Have to cross town, find a park, walk up the hill to the Mercy Centre... take care, you lot. It's cold and wet here today and looks like it might POUR shortly... I had to ref netball in the pouring rain at 8.15 on Saturday morning. Now that was fun... *shrug* what else would one do? And then I barely dried off and had to rush to my writing course. That was hard, it put me off Breathing Space forever, I suspect, trying to share something that wasn't worked over enough by me first. I don't share well. I shall not be doing that again!


May. 13th, 2008 11:39 am (UTC)
-Well Ian wasn't even a Catholic... but no one seemed to care much!!
Nah, it's what you can bring to the task, not anything personal. Our HoD Geography does the Scripture Reading, our DP is doing Religious Questions, our AP isn't Catholic and she's doing the junior Prepared Speech... it's great to have all the jobs shared around. And no one is actually relying on me *g*

Liverpool were the champions. Now we are *g*
I always think of that Cracker episode with the mad Liverpool fan, humming L-i-v, e-r-p, double-o, l, Liverpool FC.
May. 13th, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
Liverpool were the champions. Now we are *g*
Just a temporary blip!!

I always think of that Cracker episode with the mad Liverpool fan, humming L-i-v, e-r-p, double-o, l, Liverpool FC.
I love that story... it's horrible, and yet that's so true to the facts, Hillsborough must have been one of the worst things that ever happened in British football, or to Liverpool as a whole if it comes to that.



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