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Had a meeting last night with the Codfish and the rest of the liturgy committee, and my friend from the music group came to support me in case of undue stress. This is how he summed it up today in an email for the rest of our music group,
Met with [the Codfish] last night at the liturgy meeting, loins girded to have my say.
No need. The Xena Warrior twins; Julie M and Jenny O’B, gently but unequivocally crucified and slaughtered the man. From head to bloody toe he was beaten to a pulp with firm but gentle Christian love.
Bless you both.

So we left happier than we expected. I did ask the man if he actually liked people, after Julie took him to task for his poor attitude to the children. She wouldn't give up either until he agreed to do better *g* As for liking people, rather like an American warship, he would neither confirm nor deny.

School is frantically busy, compounded today by the phone repair man who plugged my phone connection into the wrong slot mid-morning and buggered my voicemail for the day. I have also perfected the art of justifying no sex before marriage in a way that actually makes sense! One Year 13 told me 'It's too late, Miss!' *snort* And one of my Year 13s in that class has a child already! But I still forge ahead. The Teacher Aide who was working in my room today asked me to teach it to every class LOL!

And that's all from me. I'm taking my laptop to bed. To write. In private *snort*
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