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A busy week...

Hi team. I'm finding it hard to post tonight, I've been so worried for Ian and Viv's son, but unable to do anything about that and not even having any right or purpose to do anything about that, it's just like something inside that I can't move. I guess it's because we went through it all so intensely with my great friends and their son, Alex. Chris has ALL, the leukaemia Asher's friend, Alex, had. It crept up on them, too, they had no idea he was ill. He's fine now and has the All Clear, a magic thing you wait for for many years after chemo is a distant and nasty memory. Alex went into remission after initial treatment and despite other setbacks, remained in remission until it was all gone. I hope and pray Christopher has the same good outcome.
And I'm so proud of Kyle who just might nail this new turn in his life.
I was away last weekend for O'Shea Shield, and there has barely been a single free minute since, culminating in Mission Day at school today, where I'm in charge of the placement of the whole college into doing good and kind works for others. It rained, but we had a successful day although I was on the move the entire day - and now I have to admit that I'm totally shattered. Not even the soccer could distract me from getting ready for today. I was horrified that it ended in a penalty shootout, I detest those, and Steve kept saying, 'Watch this one' but I couldn't. I feel too much for the poor guys who miss.
I feel I have no time for anything but doing good and caring for others, the jobs come so thick and fast. It's like my life has taken a turn for ...something very ...well, I don't know. Kind? And I still have a family to run. We've had soccer practice, violin, art, German, clarinet, netball, WYD meetings, music practice and confirmation all after school this week, and my classes have been really busy, too, and I'm teaching three classes about morality and sexuality at the moment which makes one look at one's own behaviour a lot. I just have to try to be true to myself, so I have to try to be good. I'm not sure how I feel about that, I used to enjoy being a little bit ...nah, not even naughty, just fun on the edge. I sure don't want to lose that. But my life on the Net is so different to what it was when I started out, I don't know what to think.
Finn was awarded Distinction in the recent Speech Board competitions they held at school, so he really feels he's made it at his new school. He did a speech on graffiti, one of his strong interests. He also spoke on the legend of Finn McCool, his ancient namesake. He came home buzzing and jiggling with excitement! We're so pleased for him.
I have a heap of marking to do this weekend. I'm lucky though, we're all fine here. Rove is on, the kettle is boiling, it's freezing so the heater is on, the pets are fed and it's raining so soccer might be cancelled in the morning. And right now that, that has to be a good thing!

And here's Finn and Monty to sit on my knee... time to go make that coffee, I guess.


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May. 23rd, 2008 11:03 am (UTC)
I ended up watching the soccer for once - I wrote a response to a prompt, 'United', based on it so I felt obliged!! I hated the shoot-out too. The result was such pure chance and nothing to do with skill. But I suppose it highlights how good both teams are.

There is nothing we can do for Viv or her family except love them and think about them and I'm sure they know we're doing that and that it helps them to be strong. Your friend's story gives us a lot of hope.
May. 24th, 2008 04:05 am (UTC)
-There is nothing we can do for Viv or her family except love them and think about them and I'm sure they know we're doing that and that it helps them to be strong. Your friend's story gives us a lot of hope.
Yeah, guess you're right. I can't imagine what is going through their heads just now in terms of dealing with this.

Alex is sure a success story for ALL. His family and mine will always have a bond because of what they went through, and how we stuck by them. A lot of friends were just too scared or too weak to stick around when Alex was ill, something my mother found out when we had some tough times of our own when I was growing up. And Asher as an easygoing preschooler never minded that his friend had tubes pasted to various parts of his body! Now the two of them are big boys off to college. In fact they're off playing Playstation somewhere today! So yeah, it's encouraging and hopeful for Christopher too.
May. 23rd, 2008 02:34 pm (UTC)
Chris is in my prayers dear, as are the lot of you.
Congratulations to Finn! I bet he is really happy.
It seems we are going to come out from under the rain clouds that have been dumping rain on us for almost two weeks!
My flowers need some sun. Check my post on mid week meeting, I am sure you will like it.

God bless you, Hugs.
May. 24th, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)
-Chris is in my prayers
Thanks so much, you honey *hugs you*

Two weeks of rain sounds like too much. I thought the warm weather was heading your way. Here, it's wet AND cold.
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