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We watched an Aussie movie tonight, called Noise. It was absolutely absorbing. The main character was a policeman who had tinnitus but didn't know why it was so bad. He was also involved in a nasty murder investigation. He was an unusual character and yet we really liked him. When the tinnitus became really bad he would lose hearing or fall down, and during the film he revealed his was awaiting test results to see if he had a tumour. He was understandably tense. The film was an arty one, that messed with your hearing, often imitating the sounds of ringing in your ears, and other sounds as well, so that there was no peace, but it was subtle, building up to quite an intensity. The dialogue was realistic and often caustic, and very believable. But the movie ended without tying up anything. No golipe. We were left wondering... oh, and they rolled the credits in silence.

I have ringing in my ears - but it certainly doesn't make me miserable. I mostly hear it at night when we turn off the tv. I used to drive my mother mad when I was lying in bed at night, as that's when I would be aware of the noises in my ears. I'm aware that my hearing is really sensitive, especially when I'm tense or tired. I hate the beep of the scanner at the supermarket. It makes me wince. I hate shouting. I hate loud television and I think that's why I don't like going to the movies. Sometimes noise around me gets to me. Sometimes I find classroom noise almost too much to bear. I love silence. I never listen to the radio apart from Saturday morning cancellations. I think we live in a noisy world.

It's pouring with rain again tonight. It sounds good on the roof. Now that's one sound I love!
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