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Do you ever wonder about the size of our lives? Sometimes I feel like I'm on a mission with the world, all of us striving for a better place, as my guest rabbi said the other day in class, all of us reaching out to one another. Then, other days, I see each of us living our own tiny little bit of life in a tiny corner of the world and not really caring what happens, not influencing anyone for better or for worse, just living out our lives. I thought about it when we were in Napier recently, and Christy stayed with Steve's cousin. As I drove up to their door, I looked at their gorgeous little cottage and thought about their little lives in Napier, not impacting on many beyond their own town, not doing anything earth shattering, just living. I wonder at all of us, trying to have good lives, most of us trying to do good, and so many of us so dispersed, so distant from one another. And then I think, what's the point? If we're not a united front, how can we change. Then I think, against whom are we supposed to be uniting? Of all the refugees I know, all the migrants, most just want a better, safer life for themselves and their families. Not much more. How big should our hopes and dreams be? And how big or little are we? Few of us will become famous, as politicians, writers, leaders. So what are we all about? Just living our own little lives and keeping that together. I mean, that's hard work enough, isn't it. A family. Friends. Relations. Parish. Community. Maybe that's all we need to do. But just sometimes, I have the desire to reach out to the world. To say, hang in there. But the world cares little about me, and I guess maybe I don't need to give a rat's arse about the world. Maybe.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
Maybe if more people live happy, loving, caring lives and perhaps vote for politicians (at both local and national level)who make that easier, more people worldwide will gradually have the chance to do the same. I hope so, anyway. Meanwhile, while I no longer do any active work (through job or union or local politics) I still contribute to charities and think hard before voting, signing petitions, etc. It's hard to know if you've made a difference, but just as evil can come about by good men (and women) choosing to do nothing, surely good can come about by everyone trying to make at least their tiny corner of the world a better place. I'm sure in your heart of hearts, you know that, too!!
Jun. 4th, 2008 11:38 am (UTC)
-I'm sure in your heart of hearts, you know that, too!!
Well, yeah, of course I know that we're trying. I just have a sense sometimes of the immensity of the world and how small we are in comparison, living out our tiny lives in tiny corners.

I know you've made a difference. To many.



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