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catching up...

Hi team, I'll try to catch up on my flist at the weekend, it's been a marathon effort the last couple of days. Steve went away yesterday and isn't back until tomorrow night. Christy was backstage in Stage Challenge last night, so I sent Finn to a friend's house, Asher to rowing and I had Parents' Interviews from 4-8pm, where the parents and their daughters come and have an interview with you for about five minutes per teacher. At 8pm I drove into town and joined the boys at Stage Challenge in the TSB arena. It was good although Christy's school didn't win (and I thought they were brilliant). We got home with McDonalds in hand at about 11.15 pm and then Asher revealed he had two projects to assemble, due the next day. I finally got to bed at about quarter to two and got up at seven. Worked all day. Parent interviews again non stop from 4-8 then I drove down to St Pats for Asher's interviews, and this time I was the parent! I had sent Finn to another friend's house, Asher had to get himself to soccer and back, and Christy had art, clarinet and a WYD meeting... argh! One wonderful parent I was talking to at the interviews, whose daughter was going to the same meeting as Christy, realised what a time-management balancing act I was trying to do this evening and actually went and collected her from clarinet at High to take her to the meeting. Isn't that amazing? People are just so kind.

Finally I have everyone fed and in bed and I'm going there any minute. It's not midnight yet but the school shirts are still whirring round in the machine... so I'll get to your other comments and posts later *hugs you all anyway*

My cut hand has recovered, thanks. I might even take the big plaster off today. It was another really wet and windy morning and we nearly lost control of the door several times, so the caretaker is going to see what he can do. I taped a sign on the door warning people to hang onto it, but that blew away *snort* And do you know what tomorrow is? Last day of the term. I can't quite believe it. My body is so tired it thinks I am in menopause...

One more thing, one of my Ethics students is Muslim, and she brought in a Muslim speaker from her mosque today. Wow, that was BRILLIANT!!! What an enlightening talk. The girls decided Islam is pretty cool after all!! I'll tell you about it later because the washing machine has stopped. Gotta go rescue those school shirts... and sleeeeeeeep...
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