natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Ham and eggs, a day's work for the chicken, a life-time commitment for the pig...

I am on holiday. An incredibly hard day, a stressful afternoon, and a crappy evening where our staff social turned into an anally retentive game of Cranium - warning, never play games with teachers, and in the end I just left and went home, but now it's later and it's time to read and relax. Two weeks' winter break. I am so relieved to have gotten to this point. Tomorrow's soccer is already cancelled - it was a sparkling blue sky day this morning, and by lunchtime a wild wind and rain storm whipped in and it's still awful. And netball is off too. So no Saturday sport. I don't mind at all - I could do with the break *g* and dinner tomorrow night? Takeaway Indian at our friends' new house up the road! I'm so excited they will live even closer to us than before (although originally they were next door LOL!). A happy housewarming. We helped them pick the house. Not as flash as Moth's new castle, mind you ;-))

And Rita Angus - what a great Kiwi painter... her art exhibition is on at Te Papa from tomorrow.
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