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The usual pre-term inability to sleep is back, and I keep twitching in bed thinking of things I perhaps ought to have done in the two weeks allotted to me over the worst of the winter. But I know I can't do everything, and it's been a pretty useful fortnight in many other ways. It's just the reality of facing all of that tomorrow. And Christy's return from World Youth Day mid afternoon. And Finn still on holiday for another week will take some managing.

Supposed to be in a debate next weekend, kind of like a celebrity debate (except I'm not a celebrity). It's for the 'celebrants' association, a group of inter-denominational (but I doubt there'll be any Catholics there) celebrants who do things like weddings, funerals and stuff like that. It's supposed to be a fun debate to offer them some light relief from their forum chores, apparently, and held at a big hotel conference room. I'm starting to feel a bit nervous as my team hasn't actually all met yet... our opposition team members are all earnest celebrants, and our team, well, one of us is a Very Reverend, one is Very Gay and one is Very Catholic. Guess which one is me *g* We have to debate the negative to the moot, 'That ceremony is no longer relevant in today's society'. I might need to borrow a Bishop's Mitre to make myself a little more ceremonially impressive!

So, I'm going to bed, feeling quite nervous about the start of this term. No, actually, really nervous. I just don't feel ready, somehow. Teaching philosophy won't help, huh! And I feel like I needed more stuff pre-prepared. And I'd much rather be writing in a nice little cottage in the hills. Still, just have to get through tomorrow. It's nearly midnight now, so... later, dudes.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:21 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for your comments, Mothy. I appreciate it heaps. And I think you're right, if there weren't any ceremonies, yeah, people would just invent them anew. Sometimes there are magazine type articles telling modern day families how to 'create' some ceremony for themselves, some things to recreate traditions lost in the last couple of generations.

-That's not, of course, saying I personally approve of all ceremonies - for example I have just seen a programme about ceremonial female circumcision among the Masai...
Heh, yeah, that'd be a hard one in which to find something positive for women.



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