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First Day Blues? Or maybe rainbows...

Staffroom half flooded overnight. One wet carpet and a plumber working in the kitchen all day.
So I made it through the first day back, and even managed to get away early to meet all our World Youth Day pilgrims at the airport (including Christy, of course!). They were all totally shattered, emotionally drained and ecstatically happy! Christy took lots of movies on her little camera, and was only about two metres from the Pope and filmed him as he drove past in his little Popemobile!! She had an amazing time there in the massive crowd! Even went to Worship in the Sydney Opera House!

I taught my first philosophy lesson! It was a lot of fun. I was pretty honest with the girls, I told them if they want to go home and read up on this stuff, they'll know more than me and I don't mind at all! They're welcome to share ;-) So we had a good talk about things like, is life really someone's dream, are we real, and would they like to argue about the existence of God, and they were right into it. That was my Ethics class. Then I introduced the same topic to my less academically inclined senior class, and one girl put her hands over her ears, crying in a kind of mock panic, 'I hate these questions, stop asking all these questions!' *g* I said, 'Get used to it, I'll be asking these questions all term!'

I have to go write a new assessment on Major World Religions before I go to bed... *pout* I wish I had a job I could do while I'm at work!

And when is Nick writing a new book? I need more...


Jul. 21st, 2008 12:14 pm (UTC)
They showed lots of the Pope visit to Australia here,and I saw someone who looked like Christy in one shot.Unfortunately it didnt "stay" so I didnt have time to consider !! It may have been her though....
Jul. 21st, 2008 12:26 pm (UTC)
Wouldn't that be amazing! Our neighbour thought he saw her, too! I just kept looking at the huge crowds and thinking, she's out there somewhere! I did see our Samoan Chaplaincy kids on tv, they all went to school with Christy and I teach some of them now. That was a buzz.

We decided as a family we'll all go to it in Madrid in three years' time!



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