natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Work work work!!!

Hi there people. I'm marking work, and fixing up assessment tests, and making ESOL activities for the Koreans in my class about the Treaty of Waitangi, and writing up my ideas about ceremonies for the debate... and I'm so tired my eyes are like sandpaper but Steve just made me a really strong coffee for no apparent reason so that might get me through to midnight ;-) Last night I worked through until just after one in the morning so I hope to go to bed earlier tonight. There is just so much to do at the moment, but the family seems so needy as well. Finn had his first ever bad experience with a friend yesterday, a new friend, and Finn was so upset, it was heartbreaking. He looked so little and vulnerable. We rushed back from the airport yesterday before dropping another girl home so we could rescue him and send the other little sh*% packing.

Tomorrow night I'm going up to a fellow debater's home to plan our attack! That should be entertaining... I love his very 'out there' gayness, and I can imagine he'll want to bring that into the debate somehow! I had a talk with one of my classes today about the Catholic Church and homosexuality (they raised it, not me, I never do LOL), and although I can state matter-of-factly why it's not acceptable to the Church to actually practice a homosexual act, it doesn't mean I feel like supporting that in my head or my heart - or my writing! It's like I'm two people sometimes.

I sent something up north two weeks ago, and haven't heard about it yet. And I dearly hope my letter to Kyle gets to him before he sails on the 25th. Otherwise, will it sit on the wharf for months? And I sent something to the UK eleven days ago, I hope that gets there some time soon too, so keep an eye on the mailbox ringbark, huh! ;-) I don't seem to be having much luck with the mail. Kyle's letter apparently took a month to get here. That's a loooong time. Mind you, I found it UNDER the mailbox in the violets, but I suspect it only fell out that morning... Elaine used to say her mail could get to me faster than she could send things across Glasgow sometimes. And I used to send stuff to the US and it'd take exactly a week every time. Now the mail seems almost more unreliable than ever.

I have had my coffee now, better get on with the work at hand, or tomorrow will be another mad day. On top of everything else, they want me to get a liturgy ready for Thursday morning and a Mass in the afternoon for the Year 13s... Yikes, I never saw that one coming!
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