natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

A day in the life...

Bed bed, going to bed, sleeping like crap but getting better as I adjust to a new term and get jobs done, had to run a liturgy in the morning and a Mass in the afternoon today, over at Mt Vic where our seniors had retreat, so a lot of driving, ooh and one of our senior students made her first Eucharist today, it was just so cool, she's a neat kid with little family structure behind her, living with her grandparents (when they're getting along!), I really admire her. And today, I laughed so much I cried in Ethics today, and it was so embarrassing, the tears just flowed out of my eyes and I couldn't stop them, and just at that moment our brand new, first-week-ever-in-a-job History teacher came into my room to take my class for me, and there I was laughing and actually crying and the entire class laughing! It was because one of my students, one of the 'rough and tough' ones in the class, had exclaimed in irritation she didn't get which one came first out of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and I had said, well, let's look at the letters, S, P, A and maybe someone can come up with some clever way to remember them... and one girl looked at me dryly and said, 'Spa' and ...well, that was the end of serious thought in the room! A minute later I was out the door and driving to the Mass, still sniffing!
And I had a great debate meet with my fellow debater last night, and he's so cute, and so is his partner, I almost wished I were a gay man!! We talked for over two hours and have most of our argument sorted but now I have to actually, you know, write it down. Moth, he liked your ideas and we took them on board, so thanks *g*.
And now, to bed as it's freezing here, the land is soaking wet, it's stormy, there's a wild wild Wellington wind, absolutely soggy sports grounds that have turned into bogs, mud everywhere, flooding up the Coast, waves over the road, slips on the rail lines to J'ville, the usual winter stuff ;-) I'm so cold, and so is our house away from the heater. Time to go to bed, I suspect. I'll just fill a hottie and put that damn cat out...
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