natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,


So. Brrrrr, I'm cold. Steve is away all week. It's really cold but we're between storms, Evans Bay is like glass just now. By Wednesday it'll be all turned to custard again. We won our debate. It was a heap of fun. I was given praise for not mentioning the Pope for the duration of my speech! School ball was good but freezing. The girls looked amazing. I even dressed up! And tonight... First, I have to write up goals for all my classes - we just had PD and it was boring, long and ultimately demanding. Second, I have to get the living room and surrounds cleared up as we have a football billet tomorrow night. Third, I shall never post anything overseas again. That really sucks. Fourth, I am going to get more sleep from now on, I'm so tired today. And I have the most magnificent bruise on my arm from the fall the other day. It's huge! At least 10x8 cm!
So. See you later, I'm off to clean up, once I get warm!
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