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Jul. 30th, 2008

blue_leaf was asking for pictures... well, for a start, here's the bruise on my elbow (from the fall when the Year 9 girl ran into me in the gym)!

Pictures of the rest of me? Well... sometime...

Had a really busy day. We're looking at Jesus Camp (I talked about that last week, I think). Most of the girls are pretty horrified at what is going on there and how young the children are. And they're amazed at the open hostility towards Muslims, calling them the enemy and describing them as people who train children to be suicide bombers from an early age. I have a Muslim in my class who was amazed and pretty affronted. The rest of the girls hastened to reassure her that they didn't feel anything like that. I collected my tiles for the new bathroom. I got stone kind of looking tiles, in a creamy-tan colour for the walls of the shower and a darker greyish tone for the floor. It's awfully exciting to be doing this, changing from the white plastic shower to tiles. I can't wait.

Steve still away. He sat beside Temuera Morrison today for a meal!! None of us will ever forget Once Were Warriors. Or Dr Ropata LOL!


Jul. 31st, 2008 05:58 am (UTC)
Yuck indeed. Hee!

Yeah, I think they needed to see where the whole American religion and politics arguments come from. We just don't have that here AT ALL!! It's very, very rare for a religious minister to talk about politics, let alone show what side they're on. And we don't have flags anywhere much. Or that pledge thing you do at the start of lessons. Or anything like that LOL! Patriotism is very low key. Religion is very separate from the state. And judicial appointments are not the political wrangling they are there. No one even knows who is a judge here really. So it's all very different.



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