natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Having fun...

Despite the entire country being waterlogged, today dawned bright and sunny, and Christy, friends and I arrived at netball at 8am ready for a game against one of the other 'social' teams from Christy's school. One of Christy's team phoned in sick at the last minute so Christy dragged Asher out of bed, dressed him in black and brought him along to play! The opposition unfortunately didn't show. With all the other teams around us starting play (there are about 14 courts up at Hataitai) we decided to play a bit of a game anyway. For once there were extras, so with Christy's team, Asher, two other players' younger brothers, a parent, a German exchange student, a little sister, a friend of Christy's from last year and me in control as the referee with the whistle, we were able to have a great game against one another!! Other spectators looked at us a little askance but we all had a good time and played the full hour in good humour. Home again by half past nine and ready to get on with the day. I sorted all the socks, we bought more tiles, bought some paint for one bathroom (Karen Walker paint!!), chose colours for the other bathroom, did three loads of washing, cleared out the animal cages, baked cookies, let Finn have a friend, dropped Asher at the movies, all that kind of thing... It was fine and sunny all day, too. But now it's ABSOLUTELY POURING again at midnight. We haven't had so much rain for a long time. The grounds are sodden everywhere. I might just... you know, *shrug* go to bed *g* have a great day wherever you are.

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