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Jesus Camp strikes again

I had such a busy day at school, I can't even imagine where to start. Suffice to say, we did a lot of talking about Jesus Camp. One girl got really upset but we couldn't quite get to the bottom of what was hurting her, and she cried for a moment, trying to tell us how important her bible is to her, but it wasn't anything to do with the documentary. I suspect it has something to do with her parents splitting up a long time ago and a lot of baggage she brought to the lessons these past couple of weeks.

On a better note we have come to a good place with the one Muslim in the class, because the teacher on Jesus Camp is really anti-Muslim, and was chanting, 'This means war!' and so on. The girl in my class understands that none of us feel like that and was able to talk about the woman's views to my guest for the day. We talked about what was good about the camp and what was, in our opinion, so very wrong. It was fascinating to hear what the girls had to say. We talked about how the evangelicals seem to focus so much on the devil, on 'Satan's work', how you can't rest while Satan is on the prowl! And how if the power goes out or the microphone doesn't work, that's Satan too! I think our faith for children is more focused on working towards Jesus, on avoiding doing things Jesus wouldn't like, rather than saying 'you're doing the devil's work', which is so negative and scary.

The camp has now been closed in North Dakota. There was a whack of vandalism, maybe after this documentary aired. The pastor claimed her camp wasn't political, but I'd say, 'why did you have a life size cutout of George Bush at the meeting?'

And we had a good example of irony - the Jesus Camp (it's real name is something like Kids on Fire) was located in North Dakota at... wait for it... Devil's Lake *g*


Aug. 5th, 2008 01:04 pm (UTC)
"American Evangelical Christians kind of scare me, although I know most wouldn't surely be as extreme as the few we see on tv or in this documentary... *grimace* ...would they?! "

The problem I see is that these Christian warriors always use the war and fighting analogy. They would be very happy taking away peoples right to choose, by force if they could get away with it all thinking they are doing God's will. The biggest danger to America is the mixing of religion and government. It is already happening when government officials use their extreme religious views to define who can marry. If Fascism comes to America it will come as a cross wrapped in the flag.

No most evangelicals are not as extreme as the video.
Gretchen's cousin prohibits her children from the Harry Potter Books and videos, but is not so militant to say that everyone should be prevented from seeing them.

I take solace in the fact that Brian McLaren has written some great books that give me hope for Christians to be more like Christ. I have read his "The Secret Teachings of Jesus" and I have started "Everything must Change". There is a new movement here in the States called emergent Christianity,also known as Progressive Christianity.

Of course everyone must find a spiritual path that speaks to their condition and the Light they have received, that is why Quakerism is best for me.
Aug. 5th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
-Of course everyone must find a spiritual path that speaks to their condition and the Light they have received, that is why Quakerism is best for me.
*Hugs you for your tolerance* Thanks for explaining a little more about all this. We have the Destiny church that began here not so long ago and is based on the actions of evangelical Christians in the US. Around here we call it a cult! They protested the anti-smacking Bill in Parliament, saying God told them it was their right to smack their children.

-If Fascism comes to America it will come as a cross wrapped in the flag.
The people on 'Jesus Camp' already have their own flag, in the same colours but with a Christian cross instead of stars, and no stripes. Their homeschooled children pledged allegiance to it.

BTW... an evangelist preacher on the documentary, head of an organisiation of something like 30 million evangelists, 'meets with President Bush every Monday'. Hmmmm... hold onto that Quakerism.



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