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Combined Mass...

So. We had the big Combined Mass today. It POURED just before we had to walk down there, and I thought it'd be a disaster, soaking wet girls, but the skies cleared ten minutes later! OMG! It was amazing. Turns out a heap of people prayed for the rain to stop!!

I wrote my Principal's opening welcome address for her, and mentioned that we had a thousand teenagers in the hall, and she read it word for word! The students were really good too, well behaved, and the Mass went smoothly even though it was well over an hour long. The Confirmation was quite moving, the Archbishop actually did a really nice job, the liturgical dancers were gorgeous - four girls and four big boys! and the singers and musicians were spot on. Two boys and two girls did a kind of barbershop quartet style hymn after Communion, and that silenced the hall before everyone broke out in applause at the end!

I was so nervous! I had control of the powerpoint remote to click on the slides all the way through so that helped to focus me but I was still frightfully nervous, which isn't really like me, but this is a biiiiig Mass. Five priests turned up to concelebrate.

And because I still felt so unwell, my lovely kind senior management team decided that I had to go home so they sent me home after the Mass and a reliever took my afternoon classes!
It feels really good to have that over with. My fellow DRS down at the other school was also relieved! We managed a huge Mass - and it was good *g*

What's next...

ETA: OMG Asher and his friends were playing touch rugby up at their old school late this afternoon and the cantankerous old retired priest called the cops on them, saying they were vandalising the school! The policeman was very nice, he was even a Catholic himself, and he could see the boys hadn't done anything wrong. My friend had arrived to collect the boys, and she ripped into the priest, telling him they were good boys. She pointed out that one was her son, one her nephew, one my son, one the son of the parish secretary. Asher even had his school uniform on! She's furious! I suspect the old guy is really losing it, with a bit of paranoia setting in. Our neighbour did that and we had to cut out our gorgeous japonica to appease him. Luckily it grew back after he died ;-)
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