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Under the weather...

Hey, Team! I have missed you. Since my last post, when I had the big, long trip over the hill with my boss, I've continued to feel quite ill. It's been really tricky to just get through each day, and eating has been really hard unless I can sit still afterwards. It's like I have permanent motion sickness. I can't eat before I drive to school or while I'm on the move at school but I get through dinner okay because I can sit still afterwards! So no fear there, I won't starve!
And after the drive over the hill and seven hours with my boss last weekend, it has made us a lot closer, which helps a lot at school. I think we found we really like one another! And the other women who help run the place, the Deputy and Assistant Principal, they've really looked after me too, since I've been moping about looking crappy, and we're all closer because of that. They have been so kind, I'm not used to having someone care about me at school. I get all embarrassed. At my last school, I had to do the caring for everyone else! These women I work with now were all very relieved when I finally went to the doctor this morning, and had clearly discussed the matter amongst themselves!! So, we'll see what comes of that visit. Hopefully nothing! I have decided to go for mind over matter over the weekend so I can go back to school with renewed vigour next week. I have a lot of work to do. OMG sooooo much to do. Sometimes it comes to me with amazing clarity just how much I could do in my department. OMG! But I'm trying to rest this weekend. Christy has netball in the morning, then Asher and Finn have the first soccer in about eight weeks. The whole country has been deluged for ages and our grounds have been closed eternally.

Been trying to focus on the Olympics. Nick Willis, who was third in the 1500m, is the beloved nephew of one of my colleagues, so his race was particularly exciting for us all, and after watching the race at three in the morning, she stayed awake and baked a heap of cakes for morning tea. She has a black shirt that says, "Go, Nick!" We've done okay in the Olympics for a tiny country, and all the supporters back here are buzzing.

I feel bereft of interesting news, my past fortnight has been a bit of a blur of just getting by. However I'm sure that will improve. I have to have a blood test first thing Monday morning then I'm working on being FINE again and I'll catch up with some of your very interesting posts over the weekend, hopefully...


Aug. 22nd, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
I am also relieved that you went to see a Doctor. You are in my prayers dear friend. God Bless you, and I hope you feel much better soon. Perhaps I should send you some Moroccan Lamb Tagine to get your strength up :0)
Aug. 23rd, 2008 08:23 am (UTC)
Thanks! I have little faith in doctors but at least I've made the effort to see what he can come up with!

-Perhaps I should send you some Moroccan Lamb Tagine to get your strength up
Hee! Okay, John, that'd be nice if you could just box it up and post it *g*



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