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Journey north again

So. I'm going north in the morning. But I should still be able to get to LJ now and then... ? depending on my mother's mood. I'm taking the children with me, of course. It's pouring with rain, so that should be cosy for us with seven or eight hours in the car. We had a glorious weekend, with hot sunny weather, so it's odd to be cold and wet again today. Good old spring in Wellington. Like autumn in Wiesbaden, fine-wet-fine. We've been talking about that a lot lately because I'm teaching church architecture again and out have come all my photos of churches in Limberg and Mainz. It's so sad. And so beautiful.

We might head off on a road trip afterwards, see where the road takes us...

Some of my flist are stopping posting because of troubles. I hate that because I kind of have times when I wish things didn't have to change. I hate to see people go. Too many left me in my last school, and I want to hold onto people. I notice I get really upset when people leave my new school. But then I look at my own life these last few years, gone from part time ESOL teacher in a poor, tiny State primary school to full time Director of Religious Studies in a bigger Catholic secondary school. From three children in one tiny Catholic school to three (almost)-teens in three different colleges. Two in Catholic, one in *gasp* Presbyterian. I've gone from having two parents to one. And I've become different in other ways, more confident in myself but sometimes frightened of the job I have taken on. The way I deal with people has become harder, I've noticed, I can push people away and try to convince myself that I don't care. But I'm still irritatingly soft inside, still loving and still pretty vulnerable about most things. I guess since I'm all grown up, I'll always be like that. Maybe I can blame a pretty bizarre childhood?! All those things contribute to what we are as adults. But on the whole, things are reasonably good, just ...challenging? Is that too euphemistic? I'm not sure *g* maybe, but I wouldn't want to say my life is hard, I have a great life. Busy. Frantic. Exhausting. But worthwhile, very much so. And LJ is just an integral part of that, I can't walk away from it. From you.

So I'll hang in here for now. Whatever you're up to, huh. You've been good to me.


Sep. 29th, 2008 12:27 pm (UTC)
Good journeys,enjoy the trip.
Sep. 29th, 2008 06:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Nice to see you... well, see your words *g*



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