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What I did today...

Yesterday was perfect, a hot, sunny, glorious day. A taste of summer, perhaps. My Principal dropped in at my house before heading home to cook a chicken on the barbecue! Then it grew gloomy. I brought in all the washing, covered the rabbit and cleared the deck. It started to rain. In the night a wind grew... and grew... and GREW. At five in the morning I heard our big wheelie rubbish bin roll down the road, minutes after being emptied, but since it was a howling gale and absolutely POURING, I just lay there in bed and THOUGHT about the bin. I rescued it at eight, along the road and lying like a broken tardis in the gutter! It was still raining. There were powerlines down, rooves lifted, trees broken, all round the place. Amazing. It blew all day.

Asher wasn't well all day, and I came in from school at about five, and I thought it was odd he was still on the couch in pjs. I gave him a thermometer and he had a huge temp. Because he had stitches in his head, I thought I'd better consult with Rob's nurse again (we'd already chatted about my iron levels this morning!) and she said, come now. I love our health service. I left home with Asher at 5.15 and we'd seen Rob and were leaving the After Hours Pharmacy through the tunnel with antibiotics at 6.15! Great, huh.

I had Geeks on Wheels in at nine this morning, cleaning up over 2 Gigs of rubbish from my files. It was stunning, what he did for my PC and laptop in an hour. Then I went to my parish school and worked with the DRS for an hour and a half on sacramental stuff. Home for lunch then I went to my school and started getting Things Done. I have a haircut tomorrow, dentist Friday... (*shudder*)

So it's good to be on holiday. I'm off in the night to collect Christy now, at ten pm. She's up the back of Johnsonville somewhere dammit, so that'll take me close to an hour round trip, I guess. I have my writing course on Saturday but I don't know if I can bear it, I'm not happy with writing what I want right now. I have so much else to do, and I'm signing up for a Diploma in Theology or something like that next year so... yikes!

I emailed Phil Gulley about something and he answered yet again! He's so good, I love praising him and his sermons LOL! I love his sermons. I get really excited by them. Christy howled and said other mothers don't do that. But Phil makes up for the Codfish, huh.

And I cooked spring rolls for dinner. Immaculate. Steve has his squash friends round for a movie night (no squash in the holidays!) so I'm clearing out again now...


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Oct. 7th, 2008 09:57 am (UTC)
I hope Asher feels better soon. I am glad you are enjoying your holiday. Phil is an amazing man. I hope to visit his meeting some day.

Once more I am amazed that as we are in fall, you are in spring :0) I am glad for the cooler temps. I like wearing long sleeves and slacks rather than shorts. School is getting a bit tense, midterm exams are next Tuesday and Thirsday and I am all nervous as usual.
God bless you my dear friend,
Oct. 7th, 2008 10:28 am (UTC)
Asher will be fine, he has amazing powers of recovery. Once I ran over his foot in the car and the next day he ran in Eastern Zones sports!

-Phil is an amazing man.
He sure is. Sometimes I just have to tell him how much I love his work and he always bothers to reply!
-I hope to visit his meeting some day.
OMG that'd be amazing! Go! GO! Go and tell me what it's like. And give him a hug or ten from me *g*
-Once more I am amazed that as we are in fall, you are in spring :0) I am glad for the cooler temps. I like wearing long sleeves and slacks rather than shorts.
I love winter clothes too. I am not looking forward to summer stuff.
And you always seem to be having exams, you poor bunny *hugs you* Best wishes for them and God bless you too xx
Oct. 7th, 2008 09:58 am (UTC)
hahahaha it's 6am and I noticed I typoed in the previous reply. I have not had enough coffee yet to engage my brain.
I meant Thursday, not Thirsday.
Oct. 7th, 2008 10:25 am (UTC)
Hey, never mind about typos!!
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