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It's sunny today but it is windy. Spring in Wellington is really bizarre, and often wetter than winter, but I can't imagine that this year, surely... it's morning and I'm sitting in bed and Steve has brought me coffee OMG! *g*

I get a haircut soon, that will be exciting. I don't like having it done, in fact I hate it, but the hairdresser is a genius so I can feel reasonably comfortable that she'll turn me out looking acceptable! And I know I didn't post pictures last time... maybe this time.... *snort* friends only LOL!

I spent yesterday afternoon at school helping one of my senior students. She has a heap of family troubles and is one amazing girl, getting by all by herself really, without even a home to call her own at the moment and in the process of having her mother charged with assault. And yet she's vital and lively and positive and I just know she'll come through all this and shine. I just need to get her to pass Level 3 and get UE and then she can decide what to do next.

We seem to be running out of time in the holidays, Finn has a heap of maths to do and at least two books to read, Christy has maths and chemistry study, a whack of paintings to finish and a whole design portfolio to work on, not to mention a couple of English essays. Asher seems to have got off scot-free but I'd like him to do some maths study. I just don't think he knows how! And me, OMG no matter what I do I never seem to get my work DONE! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. I am the most inefficient worker in the world, I swear. I need to make some New Years' Resolutions NOW!
Here goes, in public, the things I struggle with the most...
I will do ALL my marking as it comes in and not put it off.
I will answer ALL my work emails.
I will check my phone messages EVERY day.
I will keep my diary UP TO DATE.
I will plan ALL my lessons, thoroughly, with homework, and written up afterwards. that too much to hope for? It really shouldn't be... I won't add keep my desk completely tidy but that would help too, huh... *sigh* Okay, tidy desk as well.

There. Done. What's next...

ETA: Done the school emails, right here from my bed. And hey there, suilven, I'm glad you are getting some sunshine over there. xx
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