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Okay, so I haven't been here for a few days... missed you all. It's been frantic, this week I've had a long evening meeting along with my Principal at an Archdiocese meeting about youth, I've had a music practice for First Communion, two children's sessions this week to get the children good and ready, a sister of a friend in our music group died suddenly yesterday and that upset us all last night at practice, I had to get Asher's stitches out yesterday morning, and that evening he hurt his toe playing soccer with his friends, and this morning I took the whole day off school and took him to the Accident Centre and sure enough he has a fracture, a really obvious one on the x-ray on the second bone in, plaster cast up to his knee for at least three weeks and crutches, no hobbling even at the moment. That'll affect tennis, indoor soccer, martial arts although hopefully not cricket too much. So disappointing for him. And I had been thinking last night that I couldn't deal with much more in my life this week and so God sent me ...more LOL! Nah, it's been okay, I had all afternoon to get prepared for Finn's party (I made a cake like a skate park) and that went really well with all his new friends from private school, who btw talked quite casually about their boats and ski trips in the car on the way home... OMG! Honestly, one said to another (luckily Finn was in the other car going the other way), "Do you know about knots, in a boat?" and the other one said, "Yeah, we have a boat..."

Then they were comparing the snow in the various North and South Island ski fields.

I just drove.

*yawn* now it's nearly eleven. Had a wonderful party for Finn and now I want a rest! But another group of children tomorrow afternoon, Finn's long-standing Catholic school friends are coming together, but they'll be easy to entertain. They might stay the night, and then we'll all go to the First Communion in the morning! Then Finn's godparents and family will come for dinner Sunday night. Then ...another week... *g* what will that bring?


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Oct. 18th, 2008 08:48 am (UTC)
Hopefully it won't bring any more fractures! I don't know how you cope! I suppose with the number of sports your kids are into it's inevitable. I bet you've lost count!!

Sounds like the 'posh' kids were showing off!!

Finn's birthday is tomorrow according to the calendar here but I've just remembered the date difference and will rush off to send an e-card now instead of in the morning!!
Oct. 18th, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
Poor Asher - just too many injuries, hope he mends quickly...

And Happy Birthday to Finn!
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