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Oct. 25th, 2008

Hey, how's it going? I have to say it's been a frantic week for me, a heap of marking and a heap of things to do in the evenings. Because Asher was in a huge plaster cast up to his knee, I had to drive him to school and collect him at various times of the day (the school is half upstairs and half down, with no lifts, so it was a hassle for him to get up and down without falling backwards off his crutches or being mobbed by the crowds), so that was kind of maddening! Now at least he's been fitted with a kind of sandal for the next fortnight instead of a cast, so that's brilliant and he did a whole day at school on Friday at last.
Anyway, this week included recovering from Finn's entire birthday weekend (two parties and a dinner) and First Communion, a memorial service for Vui, the girl who died last year (a Year 11 student who'd been ill for a long time) - we released helium balloons that whipped out to the south coast in a frenzy and wore our Canteen bandanas on our wrists or wherever; I had to go to an evening lecture at Asher's college on being a Patrician parent (very boring apart from being told our sons were Generation Y and 'had always known Michael Jackson as white' amongst other things); I also had to attend the Annual Lecture from the Sisters of Mercy over at the Convent and our College's Gateway Graduation.
I'm hoping the coming week will be a little less hectic. I'd like to hang out here a bit more, take some time for myself which means being able to sit quietly and post what I feel like letting go or letting out! I don't have much time to catch up with friends, you see.
I had some special moments this week. Times when I thought, ooh, I'd like to post about that. But now, late on Saturday night, with a heap of things still ahead of us this Labour Weekend, I can't think clearly. Magic moments have become blurred in the chaos. A special moment at dawn, a thunderous deluge of rain... these are beautiful moments.
I had some rough times too this week. I had to sit with one of my staff and go over her performance, and that was really hard. She was pretty upset. I had to deal with Christy's dean spitting the dummy at me for a misunderstanding, and I had to tell her not to phone people when she's angry. It... wasn't a good conversation!! I feel when I deal with a school thing as a parent, I shouldn't have the 'colleague' call put on me. That stunk.

And so, that's it. I'm looking up at all Finn's birthday cards on the mantelpiece, and it's evident what a fun kind of kid he is, his cards are all full of joy and action. Chimpanzees laughing (two of those), skateboarding cards (three of those), cards of Monty, cars, graffiti, his friends know him well.

It's pouring outside, windy, and I feel ...safe. Tired and cosy and safe.


Oct. 26th, 2008 10:22 am (UTC)
Poor cold Mothy.
Actually, it's really c-c-cold here today, a freezing southerly. Fine one minute where Finn and I went for a walk to meet a friend, thunderous rain the next, and very chilly! But there are stars out tonight so who knows what tomorrow will bring (we've been sitting out in the hot spa pool in the dark!).
We've had some gorgeous sunny days already this Spring so here's hoping. I mean, last period on Friday my juniors did silent reading (we do that at the end of every school day) out on my classroom verandah in the sun, it was so warm. I pored over a book of Renaissance art, with our most gifted junior huddled up as close as possible to me in order to see the pictures better. She loved the detail in the paintings and it was fun to see someone so keen to expand their mind!
Oct. 26th, 2008 10:33 am (UTC)
I think sharing books with children is one of the very best things about teaching.
Oct. 26th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
-I think sharing books with children is one of the very best things about teaching.
True, it was a magical moment. So many of the girls are hard to convince that reading and learning is wonderful, it's a joy to find one who adores it!



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