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Last day of October

Hey hey it's Halloween. Flocks of dressed up children are over in Seatoun, and Finn has joined them, dressed in his skeleton hoodie, skeleton gloves, a black cloak thingy and dark rings round his eyes. I don't think much of him going but he's with good friends and it's a very safe neighbourhood. I hope he comes home soon though, it's 8 pm. Still light though.

I put my shoulder/ neck out this morning. Very painful. But it didn't stop the day sliding ahead, huh. I even joined the school Concert Band today as a flute player! It was a heap of fun, and the girls told the music teacher they thought I was very cool LOL.

Today the Sisters of Mercy made us morning tea because our Catholic Character Review went so well! *g* I'm so relieved. I'm getting heaps of feedback that says I'm doing a good job. Lucky me, huh. I always feel so - well, less than the best.

I made my Year 9s read the Wellington Diocese Catholic free paper today. I get a hundred copies every fortnight and no one ever wants to read them. So I made them all read through it and share something they found out. They actually shared some good stuff. It was a good lesson for them to learn that the Church is active in all kinds of ways, here and doing good work overseas, like in Vanuatu and PNG. Then I got them to make Buddhist style prayer flags with encouraging messages about exam preparation, and we hung them on a string on my classroom verandah (exams in a week's time).

My Ethics class did a meditation in the class after lunch. I read them one about finding a quiet space in a stressful day, (you meet up with Jesus in a garden near a busy city street, where it's peaceful, and tell him your problems) and they are mature enough to participate well in such an activity. Afterwards, they shared some of the stuff they'd thought about in the meditation, and some were amazed just how many things they were worried about, and some cried. They're under a lot of parental stress, being the 'bright sparks' of the school. I couldn't help but lose a few tears out of sheer empathy. We had a good discussion. One said how she would like to be a school leader but felt she's been too naughty over the years to stand up and tell others to behave. We told her she could change. She said she was trying to. Then, five minutes later when I was leaving the room to go back nextdoor, I heard her say, 'hey could we break into the uniform shop and get me a new skirt?'!!! *g*
(the uniform shop adjoins my sacred space)

Tonight, Asher is at a friend's, Christy has gone to a holy thing and Finn is out leeching sweets off the poor residents of the neighbouring suburb. It's pretty quiet here. I might write another story...
And that's it from me. My day in a nutshell.


Oct. 31st, 2008 08:20 am (UTC)
It doesn't sound as if your pupil will change - but at the same time she sounds like leadership material... Maybe a gang leader?? *g*

Hope Finn enjoyed his trick-or-treat expedition.
Oct. 31st, 2008 09:01 am (UTC)
-Maybe a gang leader?? *g*
Dear God, I hope not. I had to convince her dad not to give her a hiding the other day!

-Hope Finn enjoyed his trick-or-treat expedition.
He did. Returned with a bag of lollies and his cousin. Both of them arrived on a sugar high!! They seem to be settling now so I hope they sleep well!



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