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Late night rambling...

What can I say? Busy. Yeah. I spent Thursday and Friday at an in-service course (professional development) learning about a new assessment system we're installing next year for Religious Education. It was pretty stressful at school with the school magazine trying to get ready for printing, teachers needing prize lists for prize-giving (and that meant me getting a lot of texts as the teacher at school had to keep nagging one of my departmental staff, and that had to happen via my cellphone! - in the end she got in the car and drove back to school!!), final marks in to the Department for seniors, juniors going on two outings and all the permission slips needing to be in, and much to my surprise, our PE teacher heading back to England to have her baby, and I had no idea she was going and now I've missed her. It sure was all on last week. And so this weekend, with little preparation and no marking, feels remarkably relaxing. I've started spring cleaning the house and we began our plans for Christmas with our bestest Scottish friends who now live nearer to us than they did last Christmas! It'll be lunch at our place and dinner at theirs. Susan said she's bought a turkey to feed 14 people. I'm not a great turkey fan but I'm not complaining *g*

We actually eat very little turkey in NZ. We hear about it all the time on US television programmes. But the best thing I heard of was the buffalo wings on Oprah once...
Oh and butter coming in 'sticks'! But I think I've worked out how much that is now - a stick is 125g, I think!

I digress, from what I'm not sure. I'm heading for bed and might make more sense tomorrow, huh. I'm thinking about more writing as the year tails off. And who knows where that will take me. And I'm wondering what the children and I will do over the long summer of January. Should be fun, huh.

And Kyle, babe, thinking of you muchly at this tough time.

Oh no, rain, gotta save the rabbit... see you later, my good friends.


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Nov. 24th, 2008 09:59 am (UTC)
Sounds like it's going to be a nice Christmas with your friends. Though you do seem to be just as busy at work as you were before!
I'm thinking about more writing as the year tails off.
Keep that thought!
Nov. 24th, 2008 10:33 am (UTC)
-Though you do seem to be just as busy at work as you were before!
Feels like it, but it's a better kind of busy. Just a lot to do but less pressure as so few classes to take!

We work hard to have nice Christmases. We have made a good family out of our friends.

And I'm building up to writing... *g*
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