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Dec. 18th, 2008

We had a party at our house tonight.  It was Christy's for her East Side World Youth Day group, a Christmas party.  They were really good teenagers, probably about twenty-five or so of them.  We had a heap of food and they brought plates (which here means a plate of food to share).  No one even drank alcohol but they loved my egg nog which had 70% alcohol vanilla in it and a quarter of a cup or so of Baileys (I've run out of rum and I didn't want to put whisky in it anyway)!  They even played a party game and had a laugh.  We had a bbq as well and some of them had never toasted marshmallows on sticks over an open fire before.    I'm pleased it went well.  There were a few of my girls from school there which was nice.  It was fine too, although kind of windy to the north.  And they didn't stay late, they were all heading home by half past ten.  Now I just need to get everyone in this house to bed!

I went to school today and sorted some vital jobs.  Now I can relax and just prepare for next year in my own time.  I have planned and booked most of my trip north in January.  We're going to Tauranga for a night or two with my mother, then we're (that's me and the children) are heading north, past Auckland and into Northland.  We're going to stay four nights in Paihea, in the Bay of Islands.  Last time I was there I was on section, in Kawakawa down the road, and I spent a month up there living in a different world.   It has a manual telephone exchange and a railway line running down the centre of the main street.   It was hot and just so different to the world of NZ as I knew it then.  I can't wait to see it now.  Then we'll drive across to the other side of the island up there to Kaitaia, and we'll take a bus tour right up to the tip of the North Island where Maori spirits of those who died leave for their final journey.  Cape Reinga.  I never went there before.  There are huge sand dunes to slide down which the boys will enjoy!  That's part of the bus trip apparently.  Then *shrug* I haven't booked anything after that night in Kaitaia after the bus trip... maybe we'll drive all the way or halfway home ...or something else!!!

*yawn* I've been playing hostess.  Now I want to get some sleep.  A new day dawns tomorrow and who knows what it'll bring.


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Dec. 18th, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)
What a delightful Christmas party :0)
Dec. 18th, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
It was nice. No one wanted to ruin anything, everyone was just happy to catch up and chat. And the embers were still warm outside in the bbq when I went to bed! Today... clean up!
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